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  • Hey there, everybody. This is Chris Pine,

  • and I'm Gal Gadot.

  • And we are here on HBO's Screening Room

  • to introduce a scene from Wonder Woman.

  • This happens early on in the film.

  • And this is the first time Diana and Steve

  • arrives to London.

  • And here you go.

  • Captain Trevor,

  • I believe you have something that is the property of General Ludendorff.

  • Oh, it's the, uh, bad guy convention.

  • -(GUN COCKS) -Give us Dr. Maru's notebook.

  • Where'd I put that thing?


  • Stand back.

  • Boom. (SINGS) ♪ Magic! ♪

  • Are you ready? Here we go.

  • Or maybe not.





  • (SIGHS) Tough luck.

  • (GRUNTS)

  • CHRIS PINE: Very difficult to hit with your non-dominant hand.

  • -(LAUGHS) -For me. Very difficult.

  • Is there anything else you wanna show me?

  • That was a lot of fun to shoot.

  • This was actually a homage for the Superman scene where...

  • Oh, right.

  • where Luis Lane is--

  • Luis Lane?

  • -Luis Lane? Lois Lane. -Lois Lane.

  • (LAUGHS) Luis Lane.


  • Where Lois Lane is being saved by Superman,

  • but she didn't really know that he was the one to save her

  • because she passed out.

  • But this was a sweet, wonderful homage

  • for the very first Superman.

  • (LAUGHS) My favorite shot for me in this scene

  • is when I'm trying to-- I'm trying my--

  • moving around with my fists,

  • like, trying to get some leverage

  • in trying to fight someone, and no one's...

  • -Who to fight. one's fighting me.

  • Aww.

  • But then I did a really good set up for you

  • -to give the punch. -To do the final knockout,

  • -which took forever to do... -You did the final one.

  • ...because it's that, you know, the non-dominant hand thing.

  • That's really hard.

  • And you saw how difficult it was for me.

  • It was really important that everything that we do

  • would read as real as possible

  • even though we're doing crazy things

  • and blocking bullets with gauntlets.

  • For my part, what I loved is I loved being kind of the human dude

  • that is trying his hardest to, you know, do his part,

  • and then witnessing this extraordinary person,

  • or non-person... person-ish...

  • -(LAUGHS) Yeah. -Person doing her thing. And...

  • So there was, you know, simultaneously

  • a lot of fun action and some comedy to be had

  • -which is always fun to do. -GAL GADOT: Yeah.

  • Drop the mic!

  • -Clink. -(BOTH LAUGH)

Hey there, everybody. This is Chris Pine,

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Wonder Woman Interview with Gal Gadot (HBO)

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