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@Wendys: What's the difference between Wendy's and McDonald's?
Wendy's: Quality.
@Wendys: Can you find me the nearest McDonald's?
Wendy's: (inserts a picture of a trash can)
@Wendys: My friend wants to go to McDonald's. What should I tell him?
Wendy's: Find new friends.
@Wendys: Good morning. How did you sleep?
Wendy's: Restaurants don't sleep.
Reply: You could've just said good and left it at that.
Wendy's: We aren't here to lie though.
Why are you having a full-blown conversation?
@Wendys: If I don't have a Wendy's at my location, what do I do?
Wendy's: Move.
@Wendys: Your food is trash.
Wendy's: No, your opinion is, though.
Wendy's: you had all the opportunity to grammar check that ass.
@Wendys: Help me with my geometry homework and I'll buy Wendy's instead of Jack in the Box.
Wendy's: x=9
@Wendys: Who needs boys when you've got the Wendy's 4 for $4? Am I right, ladies?
Wendy's: fries > guys
Who is tweeting for Wendy's, man, for real? I thought that was a McDonald's fries.
@Wendys: Roast me.
Wendy's: Get one of your 51 followers to roast you.
@Wendys: I'm going to Burger King now.
Wendy's: WHOOO cares?
@Wendys: Do you know of any good pick-up lines?
Wendy's: You dropped your name tag. (inserts a picture of sugar packets)
@Wendys: Your food is pretty good. I have to ask, though: why are your burgers square as opposed to being circular?
That is a good question! Hold on. Let me see...
Wendy's: We don't cut corners
Wendy's is on fire in 2017!
@Wendys: What should I get from McDonald's?
Wendy's: Directions to the nearest Wendy's.
I'll not only give 162 retweets. Man, I would have been like...
@Wendys: How much does a Big Mac cost?
Wendy's: Your dignity.
@Wendys: Bet you won't follow me.
Wendy's: You won that bet.
@Wendys: I'd rap battle Wendy's anytime, anywhere.
Wendy's: We just filled up on Mom's spaghetti, and we're ready to battle.
@Wendys: I'm at McDonald's. What do I get?
Wendy's: You should get out of there as quickly as possible.
possible...possible...(sings) possible
@Wendys: My girlfriend doesn't love Wendy's. What should I do?
Wendy's: Might need some couple's therapy, to be honest.
You could have just said, "break up with her." I would have said [that]. Let me tweet for Wendy's.
@Wendys: Who got more beef, Wendy's or Soulja Boy?
I'm about to check out what Wendy's said with this one. Hold on.
Wendy's: Well, our beef is fresh.
@Wendys: I'm going to Taco Bell. What do I get?
Wendy's: Food from the wrong place.
@Wendys: Why do y'all eat at Wendy's? Their nuggets and burgers ain't shit, smh (shaking my head).
Wendy's: Delete your account.
Oh my god...
All of this is 2017. We're only on the 6th day.
@Wendys: Hello. Is this the Krusty Krab?
Wendy's: No, this is Wendy's.
@Wendy's: BK (Burger King) for the win.
XXX, Wendy's. You're shaking.
Wendy's: What did they win? A participation trophy?
Wait a minute...what kind of Twitter @ is that? A Morse code or something?
@Wendys: I bet you won't give me free cheese burgers for a year.
Wendy's: You are correct.
@Wendys: Send me a picture of how you look.
You knew damn well Julius was trying to see what you really look like, Wendy, come on!
Got any memes?
Now you look completely...
Wendy's XX. I don't know what...who is tweeting for you?
@Wendys: Give me a Twitter bio.
Wendy's: "I asked a fast food restaurant to write my bio because it's 2017 and the world is weird."
And he really put it in his bio!
@Wendys: As a fellow social media manager, I'd just like to give a shoutout to the sm (social media) manager at Wendy's for killing the game.
Wendy's: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wanye Gretzky -Michael Scott
@Wendys: Can you help me out with some free Wendy's? It's for a group project.
Wendy's: People out here calling lunch a "group project" now.
@Wendys: I'm going to Burger King now.
Wendy's: Now you're just punishing yourself.
Man, it's getting dark in here, shit.
@Wendys: Did you hear Rally's has 4 for $3?
Wendy's: I don't know her.
This is why the beef has started, literally the beef,
because someone called "Thuggy-D" on Twitter was talking about:
@Wendys: Your beef is frozen and we all know it. Y'all know we laugh at your slogan "fresh, never frozen", right? Like you're really a joke.
Wendy's coming back at him, talking about:
Sorry to hear you think that! But you're wrong. We've only ever used fresh beef since we were founded in 1969.
Reply: So you deliver it raw on a hot truck?
Wendy's: Where do you store cold things that aren't frozen?
Reply: Y'all should give up. McDonald's got you guys beat with the dope ass breakfast.
Wendy's: You don't have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there.
That is why this whole thing started. Over that.
And they're not even on Twitter anymore!
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Wendy's Roasts EVERYBODY!!! TOP 40 CLAPBACK TWEETS (2017)

19831 Folder Collection
missnerdypants published on June 28, 2017    missnerdypants translated    Kiara reviewed
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