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"E6", Bligh Water, Fiji
Reticulated Dascyllus at "Maytag", Bligh Water
"Mushrooms", Namena Marine Reserve, Fiji
"Coral Corner", Bligh Water
"Coral Corner"
"Mellow Yellow", Bligh Water
Chironephthya corals at "Mount Mutiny", Bligh Water
Cave at "Lion's Den" near Wakaya Island, Fiji
Chironephthya corals at "The Whole Shebang", Bligh Water
"The Whole Shebang"
"Mellow Yellow"
"Kansas" at North Save-a-Tack, Namena Marine Reserve
Lyretail anthias at "Howard's Diner", Bligh Water
Banded sea krait at "Jim's Alley" near Gau Island
Pacific sailfin tang at "Maytag"
Button polyps at "Humann Nature", Bligh Water
Urn ascidians at "Becky's" near Makogai Island
Pom pom Xenia at "E6"
Barberi clownfish at "E6"
Barberi clownfish at "Cat's Meow", Bligh Water
Barberi clownfish at "Jim's Alley"
Pink anemonefish at "Mount Mutiny"
Blueband gobies at "Lion's Den"
Firefish at Lua Lafalafa Reef, Tonga
Orbicular batfish at "Lion's Den"
Teira batfish over the "Nasi Yalodina" wreck, Bligh water
Elongate surgeonfish at "Maytag"
Blackfin barracuda at "Coral Corner"
Bigeye trevallies at "Grand Central Station" (North Save-a-Tack)
Schooling bannerfish at "School House", Bligh Water
Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish at "Cat's Meow"
Blue and gold fusiliers over yellow scroll coral at Nigali Passage near Gau Island
Barcheek trevally at "Tetons", Namena Marine Reserve
Golden damsel and bluestreak cleaner wrasse at "Mount Mutiny"
Blue and gold fusilier and bluestreak cleaner wrasse at "Mount Mutiny"
Sunburst anthias at "Palako's Patch", Tonga
Speckled damsel spawning at Uoleva Point, Tonga
Arc-eye hawkfish at "Anthias Avenue" near Gau Island
Longsnout flathead at Luangahu Reef
Ribbon eel (male) at "Tetons"
Giant moray at "Mellow Yellow"
Juvenile rockmover wrasse at "Two Thumbs Up", Namena Marine Reserve
Firefish at Lua Lafalafa Reef
Red lionfish at "Cat's Meow"
Whitetip reef shark under "Kansas"
Grey reef shark at Nigali Passage
Sinularia corals at "Kansas"
Blue-spotted puffer at "Kansas"
Blackspotted puffer at Ha'afeva Island, Tonga
Blue-green Chromis at "E6"
Red lionfish at "Anthias Avenue"
Zebra lionfish at Luangahu Reef
Coral grouper at "Becky's"
Dwarf hawkfish at Luangahu Reef
Scorpionfish at "E6"
Randall's prawn-goby at "E6"
Signalfin goby at "E6"
Gorgeous prawn goby & snapping shrimp at "Two Thumbs Up"
Weedy pygmy seahorse at "Mushrooms"
Ornate ghost pipefish at "Mushrooms"
Ornate ghost pipefish ggs in brooding pouch
Christmas tree worm at "Becky's"
Manta ray at Vatu Vai near Wakaya Island
Hawksbill turtle at "Lion's Den"
Humpback whale mother and calf at Ha'apai, Tonga
Malabar grouper at "Grand Central Station", North Save-a-Tack
Honeycomb coral at "Mellow Yellow"
"Lion's Den"
"Coral Corner"
Whitemargin unicornfish at "Mushrooms"
Dendronephthya soft coral at "E6"
Bigeye barracuda at Nigali Passage
"Gomo", Bligh Water
"Nasi Yalodina" wreck
Lance blenny at "Anthias Avenue"
Triplespot blenny at "Tetons"
Valentini puffer at Luangahu Reef, Tonga
Parrotfish at Nukupule, Tonga
Bluespotted ribbontail ray at "Mushrooms"
Blotched fantail ray at Ha'afeva Island
Orange mantis shrimp at "Mellow Yellow"
Sexy shrimp (squat shrimp) at "Anthias Avenue"
Day octopus at Lua Lafalafa Reef
Fuchsia flatworms mating at "Tetons"
Bullock's Hypselodoris at Luangahu Reef
Spanish dancer at Luangahu Reef
Spanish dancer at Ha'afeva Island
Brown booby at Vatu-i-ra, Fiji
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Dakuwaqa's Garden - Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga

4594 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on July 9, 2013
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