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  • Well The New iPhone 6

  • Could have lots more pixels it should have a bigger touch screen

  • And it's Battery Life'll go on longer than your wife

  • And it’s style will be pretty damn mean

  • Therell be one in white, which you can make right

  • If black is your favorite Shade

  • And you can skin it in Green if Pink aint your scene

  • And if you don’t like the colours they made

  • Now the camera qualityll be better youll see

  • Now the camera qualityll be better youll see

  • Yep sharper than James Bond’s hair

  • And the chip will be faster than a Kung Fu Master

  • Or a cheetah out running a hare

  • Maybe 10% lighter an’ a bit higher pricer

  • But less for your Dollar meanspuke

  • Cause a slimmer machine is in all of our dreams

  • And I aint talkinno daisy Duke!

  • Yeeha! ..... whooooop!

  • Now you can speak to your phone if you just wanna moan But it won’t make no Apol-ogy

  • Youll get updates and follows each time that ya hollers

  • But it won’t cook your chilli and beans

  • Rejecting misfits with SMS tidbits I’m hoping will be history

  • And the new iPhone six, with it’s li’l bag of tricks

  • Just stops the 'jokers' from calling me..

  • Cos it’s iPhone for me, not no Samsung Galaxy

  • It’s the apple of my eye youll see

  • Cause theyre bigger than Lennon...

  • God rest him in heaven..

  • ...and to hell with your blackberry

  • "We love apple don't we George?"

  • "Hey, thanks John..... d'you mind if I have a bite?"

  • "I'm an iPhone Cowboy..."

  • Doo do doo doo do do.. do do do...

  • (When) “When I was younger (when i was young..) so much younger than today.. (I never Need..)

  • Never needed any kinda iPhone anyway

  • (Now)..But now these days are gone (these days are gone).. I’m not so self assured (And now I Find)

  • Now I find I need my iPhone like I’ve never done before

  • Help me if you can I’m feelindown...

  • an' I do appreciate you being round..

  • Help me and my iPhone get outta town

  • won’t you please, please help me

  • help me help me-e-ee oooooh..”

Well The New iPhone 6

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