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so let's look at another table
this table shows the amount of income that American
students get and where it comes from. The first job is to identify the main
features and if we look first of all and the students' overall income we can see
that it has increased over the period. When we look at where the income comes
from we can see that bank loans and earnings have increased a lot whereas
grants have decreased significantly. Parents still make a sizable contribution to
students and this changes but not as much as the others.
Therefore our overview could look something like this: From 2010/11 to 2014/15 the income of
American students has increased. However the source of the income has changed.
More students take bank loans or earn money directly whereas there has been a
dramatic decrease in the amount of money students get from grants. Parents still make a
substantial contribution to their children's income. In this review we've talked
about the general picture and some of the major changes that happened over the period.
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IELTS Writing (Academic) Task 1 - Describing a Table

948 Folder Collection
ben published on May 29, 2017
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