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What's up guys? I'm Alex, and I'm Marko. And we are the Vagabrothers.
And this video is about how to get paid to travel the world.
These days we travel the world through this YouTube channel.
But before we started vlogging, we worked
a number of different jobs to fund our travels.
The key to long term travel is finding jobs
that will take you to new places, help you save cash,
and let you travel in your free time.
Here are ten ideas: number 1. Teach English
Teaching English is a great way to immerse yourself in foreign culture,
learn a new language, and travel on the weekends.
In countries like the UAE or Korea,
the pay is high and they'll often time cover
accomdations and flights, which is
a great option if you have student loans.
In countries like Spain where we tought English for three years,
the pay wasn't really high, buy it gave us plenty of free
time to develop the skills we needed to start this You Tube channel.
Mas fiesta!
Number 2: tour guide. Working as a tour guide
is a great option, especially if you speak another language,
or if you studied something relevant.
You can find companies at home that operate abroad,
but sometimes it's just best to show up and find a job on the spot.
Plus, you can always offer free tours and ask for tips.
Number 3: work on a cruise ship or yacht.
Modern cruise ships are enormous with over
a 1000 crew, ranging from fitness instructors to cooks.
Now the pay is not high, and the hours are long,
but you get to travel to dozens of countries,
and it's a good option if you come from a relatively lower wage economy.
On the other end of the spectrum, you could work
on a private yacht, but this usually requires
some sailing experience as well as a maritime safety certification.
Number 4: work remotely.
These days certain jobs can be done from anywhere,
whether it's programming to graphic design
or freelance writing and photography.
Websites like Upward can help you find work
as a freelancer, or hire other freelancers to help you
take your show on the road.
The key is "Geo Arbitrage"
earning money in a strong currency and spending it
where life's a little bit cheaper.
Think Southeast Asia.
A good resource to learn more is Timothy Ferriss' The 4- Hour Workweek.
Seriously, read the book.
Number 5: become a flight attendant.
For the young and single, becoming a flight attendant is
an excellent option.
Depending on your routes, you can visit multiple countries
every month, and perks include free flights
and discounts across travel industry.
Not for you, then just fall in love with a flight attendant
or a pilot.
Thank You. Enjoy your flight. Bye.
Benefits extend to family members for life.
Want something more settled? Be an au pair
It's not a fruit:) It's French for nanny.
There's plenty of websites that will match
you with a host family in your country of choice,
giving you a salary, visa, and accommodation.
Plus, living with a host family is the best way to
immerse yourself in local culture.
For the accademically inclined, consider getting
a graduate degree abroad.
School is free in many European countries,
and in Scandinavia, they even pay you to go to school.
Say what? Seriously.
There are also scholarships that will fund you to do research abroad.
We wrote a blogpost on this topic, and we will
put a link in the info box.
Number 8: work fot the government.
Diplomatic types can apply for the foreign service,
volunteers for the Peace Corps,
and of course you can always join the military.
Or if you've got a troubled past and in the market
for an EU citizenship, you can always join the
French Foreign Legion.
Qui Monsieur!
Number 9: apply for a transfer.
Most major cooperations have offices overseas,
often times in really cool countries with a lower cost of living.
So instead of quitting your job, you could just outsource yourself.
Apply for a transfer for 6 months to a year,
and that could be even better than getting a raise or the corner office.
Number 10: start a travel blog or vlog.
That's what we did. Success by no means is guaranteed,
and it's probably going to take a long time.
But, if you do it in conjunction with some of these other jobs,
it could become your main source of income in no time.
In sometime. In sometime.
All right guys, well those were our tips on how
to get paid to travel the world.
If you have any of your own, make sure you share them
in the comment box below.
Also if you enjoyed the video, make sure to give it a thumbs-up,
share it with your friends, and subscribe to
Vagabrothers if you haven't already.
All right guys. There is also a blog post
on Vagabrothers.com with more information.
If you want more travel tips, click the video
here on the left, or on the right.
You can see some of our more recent adventures.
In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring,
and we'll see you guys on the road.
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1656 Folder Collection
jack published on May 27, 2017
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