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15: Opening our list Metal Gear: Survive
I know you’re saying whaaaaaaaaaaaat.
Whyyyyyyy Whatoplay?
Well, Metal Gear is like pizza.
Even if it’s not exactly what we wanted, it’s still good.
Hopefully for Konami, we will see how far their game can go.
Set in an Alternate Reality where a wormhole mysteriously appears where Big Boss’ base
was destroyed.
Crazy, right?
In this different timeline, you are met with dire monstrosities that kill for sport.
Gather friends and enjoy its promising Co-Op and Multiplayer element.
Though hardly criticized for being a Metal Gear cookie-cutter, we love how it’s still
using the FOX Engine responsible for all the glorious actions that Phantom Pain offered.
Coming this 2017.
14: Resident Evil VII: Biohazard
We’ve talked about this over and over again, this latest installment to the Resident Evil
franchise oozes with deep scares and a morbid atmosphere.
With the recent trailers being released, we get to see how insanely different this game
The only thing that made it similar was the return of Saving Typewriters (Yay!) and of
course, crazy villagers.
It has taken a different route to its usual Third-Person camera to the ever palpitating
feel of the First-Person element.
No details have been revealed in relation the game’s continuity but sources say it’s
Will be released in January 24, 2017.
13: Gran Turismo: Sport
Since 1997, Gran Turismo has been the prime racing game on Sony Consoles.
It’s critically-acclaimed and in this installment, it’s bound to continue breaking new grounds.
Originally scheduled for release in 2016, the developers pushed the launch to 2017 to
make the game better -- 4K, HDR and supersampling supports on PS4 Pro.
In partnership with the FIA, Sport promises new game modes worthy of racing fans.
And with the PlayStation VR, they also plan on adding a touch of virtual reality to fully-immerse
players into the racetrack gearing up for its 2017 launch.
12: For Honor
Ubisoft’s entry to its Triple A lineup brings you For Honor.
A riveting medieval skirmish of grand-scale proportions.
Take control of three warriors: The Samurai, Viking or the Knight in a battle to determine
who’s the biggest armor-plated boss of them all.
Siege towers, kill generals and scale through the fog of war in its hack and slash gameplay.
With a unique “Art of War” combat style, players can feel the realistic movements with
sword handling and blocking.
Sun Tzu would be proud!
Multiplayer is confirmed and it’ll be better than the Single-Player experience.
Show your enemies who’s the biggest beast… for glory, for honor!
Coming this February 14, 2016.
11: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
Return to Dalmasca in this beautiful remaster of the sky-soaring, wall-destroying, and spunky
characters of Final Fantasy XII.
Named The Zodiac Age, the game promises to enhance most of the concerns from the community
including Game Balance, Remastered Graphics and a whole new challenge mode.
Square Enix states that the game was too difficult for most players and the battle system was
too slow, so they added a touch of ‘speeding’ up most of its combat.
Perhaps the biggest addition to this game was the International Zodiac Job System, where
the game is named after.
It’s a whole new approach to the Progression System that’s also used in modern FF games.
This puts your characters to unique specialties and skills.
This game is set to release next year and oh, (whisper) “Don’t listen to Ondore’s
Up for release sometime in 2017
10: Injustice 2
Continue the fight between Superman’s existence in NetherRealms next entry to its superhero-packed
fighting game.
Injustice 2 introduces a whole new roster including Supergirl, Gorilla Grod, Deadshot
and other DC characters that deserve the limelight.
Some recurring characters are yet to be confirmed but we know most of our favorites will be
Aside from the list of new characters, the game offers a ‘Kit System’, which adds
a depth of dynamism to the fighting genre.
It enables the players to customize their superhero’s armor and plates, improving
their stats.
Now it looks just like the reveal trailer.
Injustice 2 will be launched sometime in 2017.
9: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Take down the biggest cartel in the land of Bolivia in this latest entry to Tom Clancy’s
bullet-riddled franchises.
Wildlands puts the players into a whole new open world that reeks of crime, drugs and
Control the Ghosts in a seemingly stylish infiltration to put this narcotic empire to
its knees.
Mutliplayer is its biggest promise where players can help other players to achieve their mission
in any way they like.
It’s a wild blend of stealth and open-fire action.
The choice is up to you.
Coming this March 7, 2017.
8: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX
If you want to take a look inside the beautiful mix of Disney and Final Fantasy on your PS4,
then you might want to consider putting your heart into this one.
You are literally taking all the Kingdom Hearts games since 2002 in one game.
All in glorious High-Definition.
I’m talking about the Original Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, the PSP’s Birth By Sleep,
and much more!
If you’re already a big fan of this heartwarming franchise, then you’re in for a treat.
If not, then consider this warning: You are warned.
Tons of feels inside.
Take some time to appreciate every moment you have and brace yourself for an adventure
of a lifetime.
It’s set to release March 28, 2017
7: Mass Effect: Andromeda
Get ready for another adventure to a whole new galaxy in BioWare’s next entry to its
science-fiction spectacle.
400 years after the Reaper Invasion, you are introduced to a galaxy of Andromeda with new
The game lets you customize your own character, as usual, and meet new friends along the way.
In this space voyage, you will encounter an entirely new threat but with the help of its
integrated battle system, it should be a breeze.
The MAKO returns and the feature of multiplayer is also confirmed.
Who knows what surprises are still in store for us?
Scheduled to launch sometime in 2017.
6: South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Rip the fabric of space and time in this flatulence-fueled mayhem inside the minds of Matt and Trey.
This time, take Superhero origin stories to a whole new level.
The boys are back in another ridiculous adventure in the town of South Park.
Be the new kid and witness a growing war between Superhero Movie Franchises that’ll eventually
spiral into a space-time danger.
A whole new battle system awaits and fans of the show can celebrate its 20th anniversary
with more than enough easter eggs to tickle your funny bones… and nose.
It’s set to release this 2017.
5: Nioh
Travel into the land of Samurais in 1600 Edo Period Japan.
Japanese Geralt finds his way into the East to find his worthy adversary in a Souls-like
Nioh blends survival-action with hack and slash gameplay.
Players are required to be very careful when dealing with enemies as they are more rabid
than usual.
It’s also taking most of Japanese lore into account, which promises an immersive world
to live and wander in.
It includes Japanese Oni’s, folklore and so much more.
For the PS4, experience the thrill of higher framerates and a clearer resolution!
Coming this February 9, 2017
4: Tekken 7
One of the most anticipated fighting games that will be released next year.
We’re itching to grab our controllers and perform our favorite juggling combos.
Tekken 7 brings out a new visual flare for the current-generation consoles and yes, new
This latest installment signifies the end of the Mishima feud, making it the darkest
Tekken yet.
What’s more surprising is its over 33 characters and possibly more in the future.
Tekken 7 has been scheduled for release in early 2017.
3: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue
Blame Square Enix for their long ass titles.
This prologue to the much awaited conclusion of the Kingdom Hearts saga is one of the most
hyped, and, at the same time, most heartbreaking.
2.8 showcases 3 Kingdom Hearts chapters, 2 playable, while the other one is for visual
purposes only.
Play the 3DS game Dream Drop Distance in HD glory and experience the first taste of what
Kingdom Hearts 3 is in 0.2, A Fragmentary Passage.
It shows Aqua’s adventure into the Realm of Darkness, saving herself from a growing
The game has enhanced combat, next-generation visuals, and Utada Hikaru’s remix as the
new opening intro.
Launching this January 12, 2017.
2: Horizon: Zero Dawn
This much talked-about game during E3 2016 made us ride the hype train!
In this semi-futuristic game, control a young girl as she survives a world populated with
cybernetic creatures.
Scale towering mechanical beasts, steal their data, and immerse yourself in its lush, and
somewhat decrepit open-world.
Combat and exploration are one of the highlights of this game, which also puts the PS4’s
next generation hardware to the test.
We’ve been waiting for this game for soooo loooong and just can’t wait for its release
this February 28, 2017!
Here are some of the
games we also can’t wait next year!
1: And the most anticipated game on the PS4 is of course Red Dead Redemption 2!
Rockstar suddenly teased us with vague hints about a Red “Rockstar” logo and a few
images of the Wild West.
Then they finally revealed that the next installment to the award-winning western game is back
in another wild ride!
While no details have been announced as of the moment, Rockstar said that the game promises
to innovate the open-world genre in ways gamers can’t imagine.
I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to play this game!
It’s set to release this Fall 2017.
Rockstar, please!
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Top 15 Upcoming PS4 Games of 2017 | PlayStation 4 Games Coming Soon

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Robin Li published on May 27, 2017
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