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Cugini Brothers - Check us out baby

Hey. So glad you can make it.
Come on in.

So this is my setup tour. (no shit)
It's finally happening.
As you see right away, there is this dope ass whiteboard where I keep all my most important information.
Being a youtuber, I have to be organized...
...and make sure I write down what I have to do.
(oh shit)
Wait, don't film this. (2late)
This is where I pray to Odin.
Three times a day.
Please give me more subs...
It's a trash can.
Oh! Looks like we've got a gift!
EDGAR. What are you doing there?
You ready for more? Let's keep the tour going.
Michael. How's the diamond play button doing?
Looks good, what do you think?
You missed a spot.
I want that shit polished and clean.
If you miss a spot, you're out.
Michael is Romanian.
(more goddamn music)
Follow me.
Don't be shy!
Hell yeah motherf*cker.
These panels look like... A toddler drew them, but they were done by me!
I think it looks pretty cool. It gives the room a bit more personality instead of a normal wall.
I don't know. I like it, alright?
Fok yew
Oh yeah, baby! This is how real men record on their goddamn feet.
I can do squatting if I want.
How do you think I maintain this great ass? (Damn son)
It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all...
Michael: Nothing at all.
Pewds: Nothing at all!
I got my microphone on a shock mount.
It's not... It's not the best one but you don't need a great microphone at least if you're not PewDuckPie.
As long as you can yell in it. That's all you need, baby.
The next large (?) so he goes to this.
Goes through this little baby right here.
I honestly don't know how it works.
Got my
glorious mouse pad!
I managed to find the tiniest keyboard out there
Oh wow! Ah! Now I can trurrerly relax.
What should I play today?
I got my beauty light–to bring light all the beauty gurus use it to look good
I don't need it to look good but... A camera, it's a canon with a shotgun mic on top of it.
So in case I f*ck up and I didn't record my shit
this one is a lifesaver, this one is a lifesaver. look at the set up that looks
f*cking dope as f*ck on cameruuuhh
Tell me right now you wish you had this set up baby.
Alright..... my headphones they're wireless so, in case I'm making videos i can move around
I can do shit i can kick the walls if I want to
don't want to though I can move over here I can move over here
I can disappear and you wouldn't even know about it now I know what you're
this all looks very pretty pewds but what about how does it look behind the
Oh boy I got a lot to show, follow me.
Are you ready for this? I don't think you're ready for this.
oh that organization oh oh come over here Brad come over here look at this
they go out I got all kinds of shit
oh my god and it's so neat and tidy bitch
that's right you thought I was a dirty hoe I am the cleanest mother fucker this
guy is clean as a muthafucka Brad what are you doing
come on you gotta keep up time to check what's inside I know you're curious like
a little kid on Christmas.
What's inside the package Papa Pewds? More pine cones this year Papa Pewds.
Ok, so this is actually a server cabinet, I have so many consoles and computers.
it's fucking everywhere *british accent* but let's get right
into that shit. I'm going to link all my specs in the description, cause I know a
lot of people care and I know a lot of people have no idea what I'm talking about
but all you need to know is this is a bomb ass computer and it is fast
Xbox above, GameCube, I got 'em all
all right. I could fit about I could fit as many consoles in there as I like and
I lock it at night so no one touches my shit. All the cables neatly goes into
one pipe, goes right in there.
It looks nice as fuck. That's right, that's right, that's right. Now it was kind of a
problem having a standing desk for the cables being fixed but I think I did a
pretty good job.
You got a clock, is that a clock?- That is a clock, that is a huge ass clock so I can know
the fucking time of how long I've been recording and shit. What is the time
It (uhm, erm) let's see here it's 15, it's uh...
Hey Brad, have you seen this shit? The LEDs, I can change them.. what's your
favorite color, bitch? Slam that shit on. If you ever have a girl over you say that
Ooh, she'd be dripping. Whoa!
It's Christmas baby. I got the cinnamon candle, I got the Christmas lights.
Father Christmas comes early in Papa Pewd's house.
Michael! Keep polishing what did I tell you? Keep polishing the diamond
play button. If I see one more little smudge on it,
I'm going to call YouTube and have you responsible.
Are you using the bleach? Now get out because I need to take a nap.
>mfw i spent all my money on setup but no mattress
You forgot to do the outro. When I started making videos
I was literally on this tiny fucking table, I couldn't even fit my keyboard on it.
I made it guys! I fucking made it, I got my dream setup. Now honestly since we
got kicked out I really wanted to make the setup the way I really, really wanted
and it was really fun to work on it and I'm just very happy with it. So I hope
you Bros enjoyed watching, if you did leave a like and as always stay awesome
Are you playing Pokémon GO too? Only because we saw
you do it.
Did you catch anything good? There's a Drowzee behind you dude. We see the same Pokémon.
We found all the same Pokémon! This is so cool!
PJ: It's as if it is real or something. Pewds: It's almost like the Pokémon is there.
Now it just got hit by a car...
Okay, we're gonna go to seafront to do some fishing,
maybe I'll find some.
Magic carps? Magic carps.
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304 Folder Collection
335459737 published on May 26, 2017
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