B1 Intermediate UK 1055 Folder Collection
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Doctor! Doctor!
I've switched brains with a sheep!
Uh, i'm sorry, what?
Down here
Baaaahhhhh (Sheep noise)
Look at this luxurious fence post
With its courageously mundane color
And violent corners
This isn't just any fence post...
It's my fence post. Seriously, get out.
(Generic anime music) Gasp!
Villager number 54!
Are you, coming for dinner!?
(More generic anime music)
Will Villager number 54 come for dinner!? find out! on the next...
We now return to, generic teenage soap opera!
Will, will you trade with me?
(Awkward silence)
(Slightly more awkward silence)
Everything sucks (it really sucks)
Everything sucks now (I frikin hate my life)
Do you see these photo's!?
Uh, yeah?
Which, one, looks...BETTER!
You see, i was thinking this one! but then i saw that one!
Uh, that one makes me look fat, i ate lots of grain, it goes straight to my thighs.
(Elevator Music)
Hey Kids! this is Sally!
Sally has stolen Thomas' toy
I'm sorry for stealing your toy Thomas
So, should Thomas forgive Sally?
(Cheering Villager children)
No Kids! Sally is dead to Thomas now! he will never talk to her again!
(Villager children cheering)
Have you had an accident at work that wasn't your fault?
Oh no! I have fallen!
Its time to try! HUMAN SACRIFICE!
Last time on Villagermon GT!
Villager 54 was asked, if he was coming for dinner!
Villager number 54!
Are you, coming for dinner!
Our story continues...
I have! Already eaten!
Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!
Yay! Credits! Agh!
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Villager TV 3 (Animation)

1055 Folder Collection
CJFXDBK published on May 25, 2017
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