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I was born into a Christian family by the Lord Jesus grace
my family loved each other and lived in harmony living in such a big family full
of love
I felt very happy however in the year I turned 15
the CCP government began to frenziedly arrest Christians as many people in our
village believed in Jesus we suffered persecution the most
my father was a church leader
so the police cast an escape-proof net at that time trying to find my father
and elder brother by every possible means since then my family had no peace
in order to escape being arrested by the CCP government my parents began to
escape away from home
even my older sister who's delivery time was near hit herself heavy with child
from place to place
I who was young stayed with our relatives
every time I pass my house after school I was very sad but I dare not shed tears
and even dare not take a look at the door
I always felt as if there were countless eyes fastened upon me and feared that I
would be identified by others as x.x his child because the CCP government
specially arranged for someone to shadow me
I always forced back my tears at that time it was a word said by the Lord
Jesus that supported me
the foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests but the Son of man
has not where to lay his head
I thought of the sufferings the Lord Jesus had undergone for us sinners
having no place to lay his head being crucified to redeem us shedding the last
drop of his blood without any complaint and being obedient unto death silently
so I shouldn't have any complaint
later in the summer holidays
seeing that there was no one around I went back home to pick up some clothes
less than five minutes after I entered the house seven or eight evil cops
climbed over the wall and broke into my room
they fiercely ask me about my parents and I just refused to tell them later
the evil cops had exhausted their tricks and had to leave my house
now when I look back I realize that it was God who kept me so that I a little
child could deal with the cops calmly in that situation at the end of two
thousand to I was fortunate to accept almighty God's endtime work reading
God's Word
I was very excited my heart which had been thirsty for a long time was
moistened I felt that Almighty God was sustaining and watering me like a loving
and exposing and dissecting my corrupt substance like a strict father
I also felt that God was searching my every act and move and every word and
deed at every moment i couldn't help developing a fear of god I was certain
that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus in the first lunar month of 2003 i
began to perform duty in China we have been persecuted because of believing in
God and we have the danger of being arrested at any time in performing duty
but with the leading of God's Word
i am not afraid at all
in September 2008
we brought more than ten college students of a christian youth fellowship
before Almighty God
however just when we tasted the sweetness of God's love we were reported
by the people from the Bureau of Religious Affairs without reason
on the evening of november four of the same year to college students and I were
walking on the sidewalk and sharing God's inspiration and enlightenment of
that day
suddenly a police car sped toward us without showing any legal credentials
the cops force the three of us into the police car in the car
- evil cops twisted my arms backwards and press them tightly
at that time I remembered that in the back pocket of my pants
there was a slip of paper with some phone numbers of the brothers and
sisters on it
I should never let the gang of evil cops find it and flip those brothers and
sisters but my arms couldn't move at all at that time I hurried to call out to
God God the paper with some phone numbers of the brothers and sisters in
my pocket
I don't know how to handle it may you help me after the prayer
I got the slip with my hands easily and I tore it up immediately
amazingly the evil cops weren't aware of it in the least it made me see that all
matters and all things are in God's hand
soon afterward the evil cops drove the car to the entrance of the residential
district where I lived
they threatened me tell us quickly which hosts home do you live in
we have checked the surveillance videos and found that you often went in and out
here if you lead us to the house you'll be fine
otherwise when we find it there will be a lot for you at those words i was very
calm in my heart because I thought of God's words
to those who were not faithful to me in the least in the tribulation
i will show no more mercy because my mercy only goes so far
moreover i do not like anyone who has ever betrayed me much less like to
associate with a person who sells out the interests of his friends which is my
no matter who he is I understood God's will
God doesn't like anyone who betrays him much less does he like to associate with
a person who sells out the interest of his friends since i'm a created being
I should do what God likes and give up what God loads
I can't be a Judas and betray God and sell out the brothers and sisters
so no matter how they questioned me
I kept silent all along at 11pm they sent me to the detention house in the 40
days that followed the evil cops interrogated me many times
every time they put heavy handcuffs on me whenever I saw their ferocious looks
I became nervous in my heart and I called to God immediately
Almighty God may you keep me so that i can be clear minded and see through
Satan's schemes
I'd rather die than be a Judas and betray you
in the interrogation they forced me to tell them things about the leaders in
the church
I said nothing so they threatened me
I tell you now it's the world of the Communist Party the communist party
doesn't permit people to believe in God
so you're believing in God is breaking the law to you believers in God there is
no need for the judicial institutions to handle you
we public security authorities can sentence you directly
we aren't afraid that you won't confess a man preaching outside his home town
will be sentenced to at least three to five years and if longer seven to eight
I advise you to cooperate with us otherwise you will suffer a lot at such
times i would refute them
doesn't the Constitution say that everyone enjoys freedom of religious
how come we break the law and believing in God moreover in believing in god we
don't do evil things but love each other and try to be men who truly have
conscience incense
what's wrong with it you don't arrest those who indulge in drinking gambling
and prostitution and who steal and Rob but arrest us
I think you're unable to differentiate between good and evil
are you the people's good policeman after hearing that they were rendered
i thank god for his keeping I pulled through every interrogation successfully
40 days later without any evidence they charged me with using an evil cult to
disrupt the enforcement of the law and sentenced me to two years of
when I first heard the judgment
my heart sank at once
I felt sad for my being sentenced
and also felt very indignant for the CCP government's act of persecuting
believers in God by foul means i could only come before God and pour out to him
god you're the Creator all mankind should worship you
you save us from sins
and asked us to pursue to live out a meaningful life
why doesn't the CCP government permitted then God's words inspired me
the filthy land of thousands of years is so sorted that one cannot bear to see
and miserable states are all over the land
ghosts run them up everywhere swindle and blood make groundless accusations
and strike vicious blows mercilessly
so that this fortress of demons is trodden on so severely that corpses are
everywhere and the rotten smell fills the air over the whole land and it is
heavily guarded who can see the world outside the sky
The Devil's bind man fast all over
blind man's eyes and seal man's lips tightly the king of Devil's has been
running a muck for thousands of years and even today it is still guarding the
fortress of demons so tightly that it is like an impregnable palace of the demons
and this gang of watchdogs stare with angry eyes deeply fearing that when they
are not on the alert
God will capture them all in one net and they will have no comfortable place
how could people in such a fortress of demons have ever seen God how could they
have enjoyed God's amiable pneus and loveliness
how could they know the things of the world who can understand God's anxious
heart it is no wonder that God is incarnated in an extremely hidden way in
such a dark society where Devils are brutal and inhuman
how could the murderous king of Devil's allow the existence of the lovely kind
and holy God
how could it clap its hands and cheer for God's coming
this gang of lackeys they require evil for good
having long taken God likely they mistreat God in the most atrocious way
having no regarded all four god they committed assaults and robberies casting
off all feeling and ignoring the conscience and lure the innocent mankind
to be unconscious God's words make me suddenly come to understand that the CCP
government is Satan the devil in substance and it's God's enemy by nature
it doesn't allow a man to believe in God and follow God wanting man to perish
together with it then I made a resolution inwardly god I'll never allow
satan schemes to succeed no matter what tribulations I'll encounter in the
future I'll firmly follow you then they sent me to a women's labor camp
every newcomer to the labor camp must have a serious look and mustn't smile
otherwise they would consider that she thought her sentence was too mild and
they would torture her
on my first day there
I was punished by facing the wall and repenting and was ordered to strip
myself naked and doing squats with my hands holding my head in the cell at
the prisoners forced me to wash my hair and body with cold water
in the first three days the evil cops ordered us to practice standing in a
military posture our arms must be kept close to our body and mustn't be torn
away from it
our knees mustn't bend and the evil cops would share it if our knees made a move
when being stricken they would give us a violent kick
we have to stand from 630am - 11:00 p.m. every day the next day my heart couldn't
bear it
I felt suffocated and difficult to breathe and fainted on the ground all
the other prisoners dared not speak not knowing how long had passed
I in a daze heard one prisoner call a prison guard and tell her someone
the guard said irritably wake her up and let her continue to stand
I could only keep calling to God
may God make a way out for me thank god for his keeping
seeing that I really couldn't hold on they didn't let me stand any longer
three days later a month of military training began we were required to obey
their orders in all our actions
we also needed to recite the rules and regulations of the labor camp decree
number 23
if anyone couldn't recite them the evil cops with striker palms hard with a
ruler and she would even be made to stand while others slept at night if
anyone marched out of step with others or couldn't March in a straight line
they would order her to stand with her legs 1 meter apart until she said I'll
March well or they would give her other punishments like walking like a duck or
jumping like a frog
the most unbearable one was to jump with two legs crossed
after the one month of training i was assigned to a workshop where lights were
we threaded light bulbs and link them with wires and in the end connected them
to be bunches or strung them together to be finished products every day we
arrived at the workshop at 6am but didn't get off work until 8pm the task
was very heavy
if anyone couldn't finish the quota they required that day she had to work
overtime till 1030pm if she still couldn't finish it
she would be punished whether in spring summer autumn or winter and whether it
was windy or rainy she had to endure it in winter because there was no glass in
the window
the piercing wind would make her shiver all over with cold
if anyone didn't finish the tasks in a month
she couldn't buy anything that month if anyone didn't finish the tasks for a few
months she would be disciplined severely every day she must do 1,000 squats in a
standard military posture walk like a duck 20 circles all together 1,000
meters and jump like a frog 20 circles also altogether 1,000 meters when the
weather was very hot
they would let her stand in the Sun to torture her moreover her food would be
reduced by half and the time given for having a meal was only five minutes
including getting food eating and washing the bowl
there I was the prime object for them to watch several times those evil cops
asked me to strip myself naked before them saying that i had guns and cannons
with me so they must search me and they let the prisoner spy on me
not allowing me to speak to any prisoner of faith every evening they brainwashed
me for two hours
letting me study all kinds of atheistic books
add ordinary times they talk to me frequently and asked me what i have
learned after being brainwashed deliberately taking up my working time
and hindering me from finishing the task so I was always in a state of nervous
moreover the living conditions in the labor camp were miserable
what we usually ate was vegetables boiled in water without any oil because
of inadequate nutrition
I had an insufficient blood supply to the heart felt busy and suffered from
shock every afternoon
however the evil cops simply didn't treat us as human beings we work for a
whole day and ate all over
we were so exhausted that we threw ourselves down on the bed and no longer
wanted to move after going back to the cell but when the evil cops were in a
bad mood
they use different means to punish us what was more hateful was that on
the evil cops would order us seven or eight women to strip ourselves naked
before them and then doing squats with our hands holding our heads
facing such kinds of tortures and humiliations
I was already unable to bear all this in my heart I had thought that as long as I
didn't complain and was alive
Satan would be put to shame
but at the moment i was ordered to strip myself naked before the evil cops
my heart would take to the extreme every time I hated those evil cops bit early
for their shamelessness
I only wish to leave the place of the devil earlier
not wanting to stay even a minute longer
the more i was in distress
the more thoughts Satan gave me thinking of the various kinds of afflictions and
tortures that I had suffered i began to complain that my fate was so bitter
I was separated from my parents and lived a wandering life from childhood
why have I never broken away from the torture of the CCP government many times
i stood at the window calling
when can I live freely
just when I was extremely distressed God's words inspired me
God has given his everything to you without any reservation the splendor of
the world
the warmth of the world the love of the world or the blessings and happiness of
the world
he has never enjoyed he has never enjoyed any riches of the earth
he has fully dedicated his heart two men who has ever given him warmth who has
ever given him comfort men put all the pressure on him
give all the misfortunes to him impose the most unfortunate experiences of the
world on him and shift all unrighteousness on to him he silently it
sets all that
against whom has he ever made protest of whom has he ever demanded any repayment
who has ever sympathized with him
God's words made me hate myself
God has bestowed all his riches to mankind but he has never enjoyed the
warmth of the world
mankind has never been grateful to him but instead condemns and rejects him he
has been enduring all this and has never made protest against men
I've enjoyed so much grace from God when I was sorrowful God wiped away my tears
when I was distressed God accompanied me in the suffering when I felt bad and
lived in Satan's fooling God was anxious about me
however when I face the CCP's persecution and torture today I complain
against heaven and earth and complain about my sad fate when God is sorrowful
who has ever comforted him
god I can't impose the unrighteousness of the world upon you anymore
you want me to believe in you so that i can be saved and live in your blessing
but the CCP government forbids us to believe in God and be saved
it does its utmost to persecute and arrest the believers in God
it brings all the sufferings i undergo it tortures my flesh and damages my mind
trying to make me complaint against you and betray you
I won't do it God as i know you've undergone more and greater sufferings
than me
I'm willing to be strong in such an environment and no longer given to Satan
no matter how great the suffering a head is I'm willing to walk on
in 2010 I was released after serving a sentence
during my two years life in the labor camp when I misunderstood God God
endured it silently and still inspired me with his word helping me understand
his will when I was weak
God's Word gave me faith and strength making me see God's beauty and goodness
since I enjoyed so much of God's grace
naturally I should repay God's love shortly after that I joined in
performing duty again soon it came to 2013 the evil cops arrested me once
again in that experience I saw that God is so almighty
on january nineteen an older sister and I were reported by a wicked person
because of preaching the gospel and we were taken to the police station by the
evil cops
at noon the evil cops ordered us to press our fingers on the fingerprint
it was my turn after the older sister did it when i saw that the fingerprint
reader was connected to the computer which meant that once i press my fingers
on it my file would be brought up
I was still somewhat nervous God what shall I do if I put my fingerprints on
the record of my former imprisonment will be brought up if I do it's
impossible for me to escape the sentence this time just when I was anxious God's
words gave me faith once again everything in the whole universe without
exception is decided by me
is there anything that is not in my hand right in the heavens and the earth
there is nothing out of the control of God's hand don't I worry too much i'm
willing to obey God's manipulation and arrangement when I was obedient again a
miraculous thing happened
when i press my hands on the fingerprint reader it gave no response
the computer could still be network but the fingerprint system failed
experiencing God's almighty deed once again
I praised God sincerely on the morning of january twenty second they asked me
to go to the identification room to get photographed there were about 20 people
being photographed there
those people were plainly dressed
at first I thought they were our sisters and brothers arrested the evil cops have
the old sister photographed with some of those people after one group finished
another group continued
I was also taken there and the evil cops asked me to stand in the corner
at that time I suddenly heard two women who were being photographed whispering
we were called in to pretend to be believers in Almighty God if our photos
are identified by others will be in trouble
only then did I come to understand it turned out that the evil cops got some
people to be disguised as the believers in Almighty God and took photos of them
and sent the photos to the media such as the internet television newspapers and
so on saying that they had arrested so many believers in Almighty God again
so as to achieve their base purpose of frightening people out of believing in
Almighty God
I couldn't help burning with anger the CCP lackeys are really - shameless
I thank God for letting me see through Satan the devil's ugly face again
I thought if I can go out i'll surely disclose their schemes from then on I
began to think about how to escape
I had been praying to God all along asking him to make a way out for me a
bit past 2 p.m.
they took me to the hospital for an examination later
I some more of God's miraculous deeds while being taken an x-ray of my chest
I suddenly trembled all over and had difficulty breathing and then I fell to
the floor after my chest x-ray came out the doctor was greatly surprised
all my internal organs were black it was actually an incurable disease
the doctor said that he had never taken such an x-ray but I wasn't afraid at all
because I knew that it was God's almighty pneus and sovereignty and God
was making a way out for me then the evil cops relaxed their vigilance
against me so I could walk about in the corridor
then I suddenly wanted to go to the washroom very much
however when I got there I not only had no desire of relieving myself but I was
back to normal
miraculously after entering the washroom
I saw that the window was very low without the security screen there was no
one but only a few cars in the yard and there was no enclosing wall around it
it was just what God had prepared for me
I climbed onto the window easily and jumped out when I walked into the street
through the yard in the distance I saw there was a cop ahead
I hurry to take off my coat and let my hair loose and walked into an alley and
hit in an empty house at that time my heart bounded with nervousness I had a
hard time waiting till it got dark when it was passed 7pm it was drizzling
outside and I was shaking with cold at that time then I prayed to God God shall
I go out now or tomorrow
it's the first time for me to come to this town besides I came here in a
police car
I don't know if i should go out now may you guide me after the prayer my heart
wasn't secure it all
I thought if I go out now
they might arrest me right then
so I plan to leave the next morning at nine o'clock the next morning I left my
hiding place
I went through a market into the street police cars were everywhere in the
street and there was a cop every 10 meters
it seemed as if the police had spread their net very widely for me
I was extremely nervous in my heart and called out to God again
God where's the station which direction should i take may you lead me after that
I followed the feeling in my heart and soon walk to an intersection
I saw that the station was across from me but I dare not enter it because there
were over ten cops on guard at the gate of the station at that moment there was
a bus departing from the station
I saw it was just the bus i wanted to take the driver saw me and stop the bus
saying there's just one last seat
I was very excited I knew it was arranged by God and was ruled by God
thus God led me to escape out of the devil's hand successfully
thank god i arrived at the place where i had performed duty and call the sister
she picked me up and drove me to a house saying happily I've rented this
apartment and things were carried in it less than five minutes ago
God really prepared it for you you've been frightened
you should have a good rest here for a few days I'll go out in a bit to buy
some clothes for you then I was both excited and moved
God really loves me so much he arranged everything properly for me
I thanked him from the depth of my heart in experiencing being arrested twice
I saw clearly the CCP government's devilish substance of being evil and
meanwhile i also saw that our God is the unique almighty god godself and is the
one who rules over all things his wisdom is wonderful and unfathomable his power
transcends the heavens and his authority is even more everywhere
he is our only reliance and the only foundation for mankind's existence
God's wonderful deeds further strengthened my resolution to follow God
God's Word led me to overcome Satan's power of Darkness step by step and gave
me the perseverance to suffer so that I became strong and could discern between
good and evil
knowing that Satan is evil and ugly and God is amiable and lovely i'm even more
willing to offer up my whole being and spend my lifetime for God to repay God's
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God’s Love Never Fails | Short Film "God Is My Reliance" | Eastern Lightning

1783 Folder Collection
馮柏翔 published on May 25, 2017
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