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  • Two teams. One million dollars. And the chance to take home the Summoner's Cup.

  • Millions of people watched online. 10,000 adoring fans were in attendance. All to see who would be crowned Season 2 World Champion.

  • Korea's Azubu Frost came into the World Championship Finals as the heavy favorites, having made short work of their competition in each stage of the tournament.

  • The Taipei Assassins were resilient through out the entire Playoffs, playing the role of the underdog in every match they played.

  • They fought their way past the world's best for the chance to represent Taiwan in the Finals.

  • Let's see how it all unfolded at the Galen Center in Los Angeles.

  • Game 1 started off the way most anticipated, with Azubu Frost picking up First Blood.

  • But the Assassins turned things around quickly, picking up three kills in the bottom lane and jumping out to an early lead.

  • After controlling the first 20 minutes, the game began to turn back in Azubu's favor when RapidStar's Karthus picked up a Quadra Kill.

  • Azubu continued to battle back. They would Ace TPA giving them the Victory in Game 1.

  • RapidStar's Karthus turned the tide in Game 1. He went thirteen, five, and twelve, wreaking havoc all over the map.

  • Not to be deterred, TPA came out strong in Game 2, securing First Blood after LilBallz' Mundo flashed on MadLife's Zyra to give Bebe the kill with Caitlyn.

  • Game 1 turned on Azubu's Karthus, but in Game 2 it was TPA's turn to put his global presence on display.

  • Toyz' abusive Requiem-teleport combination allowed TPA to pick up an early Ace at fifteen minutes.

  • Toyz' Karthus continued to dictate the action. This time a triple kill would lead to another Ace and the win.

  • This time it was Toyz dominating with Karthus.

  • With the series tied at one game a piece, the Taipei Assassins showed off one of the reasons why they can never be counted out: Toyz on Orianna.

  • Toyz's play on Orianna throughout the World Championship has been exceptional.

  • A Shockwave on CloudTemplar's Shen locks him up for the kill.

  • Game 3 belonged to TPA as they terrorized Azubu at every turn.

  • Toyz could not be stopped and his killing spree was enough for Azubu to throw up the Surrender at twenty-two minutes.

  • Bebe racked up an impressive 5-0-4 KDA on Vayne to help TPA to the win.

  • Now up two games to one in the best-of-five series, The Taipei Assassins were one win away from hoisting the Summoner's Cup.

  • And they came out in Game 4 on fire. Perfect ward placement allowed them to catch MadLife's Lulu in the jungle for First Blood.

  • That same ward gave them vision on Woong's Graves as he tried to steal the Red buff. A brilliant blind flash taunt from Stanley's Shen allowed TPA to secure back-to-back kills.

  • TPA was in the driver's seat. Toyz was on Orianna yet again, and his Shockwave into Stanley's taunt gave them control, locking up two members of Azubu, leading to a Baron.

  • Not playing like the underdog any longer, the Taipei Assassins pushed their way to the Nexus, defeating Azubu Frost to become the Season 2 World Champions.

  • Against all odds, they take home one million dollars, the summoner's cup and the right to be called Champions of the World.

  • MARC MERRILL - "We started with the twelve best League of Legends teams from around the world, and it's only fitting that tonight these two fantastic teams gave us such a well played, hard-fought match to end it all."

  • BRANDON BECK - "So we're grateful for all of your support tonight, during the playoffs, and throughout the season. So please join us in congratulating your Season 2 World Champions, the Taipei Assassins."

Two teams. One million dollars. And the chance to take home the Summoner's Cup.

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