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- Hey this is Mark Black, speaker, author
and founder of Your Best Year Yet
and I want to help you today to conquer procrastination.
Do you procrastinate?
Are you somebody that has a list of things
that they know they need to get to
but you never seem to get to them?
Are you somebody that makes a to-do list
and you have a few items on that list
that just get pushed to the next day
and the next day and the next day?
Are you somebody that files their taxes
the day before they're due?
Are you somebody that waits until the last minute
to decide what they're going to have for supper?
Are you one of those people who waits
until you get a diagnosis at the doctor
before you go for regular checkups?
We all have a tendency to procrastinate here and there
in different areas of our life,
typically the ones that we're most uncomfortable with
or that we'd rather avoid
but some of us are more chronic procrastinators than others
and if that's you, I'm talking to you right now.
How do you avoid that problem?
I want to give you a really simple
but powerful technique to help you avoid procrastination,
it's called What's Next.
What's next, ask yourself that question.
See, what happens when we procrastinate, typically,
is that we see a task in front of us
and it feels like it's really big,
it feels overwhelming,
it may be anything from...
planning a trip or it might be building a house
or it might be paying your taxes,
or it might, it could be anything
but whatever it is, it feels like the project is really big
and you don't know where to start
or you feel like it's gonna take so long
and I don't have time to get it all done right now,
so I'll just wait and put it off,
when if you would just start,
you would be so much further ahead.
How many times have you put something off
and put something off and put something off
and then found yourself having to buckle down
and get a whole lot of work done
in a very short period of time
because the deadline was looming?
I've done that.
You remember your student days,
did you ever cram for an exam?
Like the day before?
You knew the exam was coming for the whole semester,
but for some reason you waited until the last day
or the last couple of days before you got around
to do anything about it.
The reason that we do that
is because we feel like the task is monumental,
we feel like there's so much to get done
that I don't even know where to start.
The solution to that is to just ask what's next.
To not try and complete the entire task all at once,
to understand that you don't need to get it all figured out,
just figure out what's next.
When sometimes I meet people who are
considering starting a business,
and they're overwhelmed by all of the things
that they think they need to do, you know,
I've gotta get a website, and I've gotta figure out
what my business is going to be called
and I need to figure out who my target customer is
and I need to go get a bank account
and I need to do this and I need to do that,
and I need, whoa, no, you don't.
What's the next thing you need to do?
Do that.
Once you've got that done,
then figure out the next thing you need to do.
The saying you've maybe heard before that I love
is how do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.
I like to talk to people about running marathons
cos that's my frame of reference,
I've done it four times now
and a marathon is 26 miles
and if you start at the start line
with the idea that you need to run 26 miles,
well for most of us that's very overwhelming,
even after having trained and prepared,
the thought at the start line
of I've gotta run for 26 miles,
which, when you run at my pace,
is a four or five hour process, it's overwhelming,
so I need to think about, I need to run one kilometer,
and once I get that kilometer done
then I'll run the next one and when I get that one down,
I'll run the next one and so on and so forth.
Life works the same way, business works the same way.
What's the next thing you need to do?
Worry about that.
Once you've completed that then you can move
to the next thing and when we don't get overwhelmed,
because we have a small step that's manageable,
then we won't procrastinate, we'll take action
and that cumulative effect means that you get more done
in less time and you find yourself less often
in situations where you feel overwhelmed
and you feel like you've got way too much to do
and not enough time to do it.
So give that technique a try next time you're tempted
to procrastinate or put something off,
tell yourself I don't need to get it all done
but can I do one thing, can I do the next thing today?
Cos if I do that consistently over time
I'll complete the task in small chunks
and never feel overwhelmed by it.
What's next for you right now?
Answer that in the comments below.
Whatever you're currently working on,
whatever you are worried about, stressed about,
concerned about, whatever your thing is right now,
what's next for you, what's that next step
that you need to take?
Share that in the comments below.
I love hearing your comments
and knowing that you're watching these videos.
I really appreciate it when you share them
with people too, that's wonderful,
seeing the momentum that we're building here
and seeing all the people that are watching these
is really gratifying, makes me want to come back
into the studio here and shoot more videos for you.
So share in the comments below, what's next for you?
I look forward to seeing that
and until next time, remember,
don't live every day like it's your last day,
just be alive every day.
(upbeat music)
Hey guys this is Mark,
thank you for watching that video.
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How to Stop Proscrastinating...Now

314 Folder Collection
風的誓言 published on May 22, 2017
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