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Hey guys
I've just swatched 14 extremely DRY liquid lipstick
My lips can't feel anything right now
Today's video is going to be about
My Colourpop Ultra Matte lip swatches and review
Colourpop's liquid lipstick has two different kinds of formula
One of them is Ultra Satin Lip
And another one is Ultra Matte Lip
The names are different but their packaging look alike
As their names implies , Ultra Satin Lip has a satin touch
It doesn't dry completely matte and has a hair of sheen
It transfers a bit so it won't last all day
It's not one of those Transfer Proof liquid lipstick
But it's comfortable to wear on the lips
And it doesn't emphasize your lips lines that much or dry out your lips
But today the Ultra Matte Lip I'm going to introduce is super super matte
, it doesn't have any sheen
and it's Freaking DRY
I don't think I need to introduce Colourpop too much
Since it's become such a well known brand
It's a drugstore brand from America
But you can't get it at ULTA nor Walgreens
It can only be purchased on Colourpop's own website
It's kinda like another brand , Morphe .
They all begin to have the hype among social medias like Instagram and Youtube
I think Colourpop has been improving their formula of Ultra Matte Lip
I've purchased them long ago when it was 2015
The formula was even drier back then
It's hard to build up
It's easy to crumble and shed If you try to apply more layers
But I continued buying their products for the past 2 years
So I know their formula has become better than it was
But not every one of their product has the same consistency
Some of them still dries matte and beautifully even after applying lip balm
And it doesn't get tacky at all
But some of them does get tacky if you use lip balm first
Not every color has the same quality and touch
But overall , their formula has improved
It's not as dry than before
Though it's still very dry comparing to other brands ( lol
But it's definitely making progress (lol
And since the consistency varies when applying different colors
So I'll put some notes of the product next to me
So you guys could know if the specific color's tacky or not
Or is it okay to put on lip balm first
How's the formula and so on
So if you want to see all the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip swatches I own
Just keep on watching
So these are the swatches of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip I own
I actually used this black one as my eyeliner today
And it's awesome
cause it's completely matte and super pigmanted
So it could work as a great eyeliner , too
Some of you might get curious
cause I've talked a lot about not to apply lip balm before putting on liquid lipstick
or it might get tacky and dries slowly
But i've never showed you exactly what it'd be like
if you put on lip balm first
So I put on lip balm on my lips before I apply this black liquid lipstick called Friday
And as you can see now my lips are a bit tacky
It's not as sticky as the liquid lipstick of Beauty Bakerie or Huda Beauty , which are horribly tacky
But it's definitely stickier than other Colourpop liquid lipstick since I'm wearing lip balm under it
Moreover , it transfers
See ?
I received this color yesterday and I tried it immediately
I wasn't wearing lip balm yesterday and it dried completely matte didn't transfer at all
So you guys know now that some colors won't perform perfectly if you add lip balm with it
I'll leave a link down below about How to apply liquid lipstick like a pro
It'll show you what to do to keep your lips moisturized when you can't put on lip balm under your liquid lipstick
And you should also know that Colourpop's liquid lipstick deteriorate fast
Cause I have products from other brand and I used them for over two years
And none of them turn jellylike as the Colourpop ones do
So In conclusion , though products of Colourpop have some problems like the inconsistency
Some of them do crumble and get patchy
And some of them can go with lip balm while some of them can't
And like I said , it turn bad quickly
But they only sold 6 dollars for each of them
It's already a great product at this price point
I can't really tell you if Colourpop is better than other brand since the consistency aren't all the same
nor tell you if it's my number one lip product
It's really hard to tell
I think this brand is worth trying
Especially if you want to try out some bold color
Like this matte black I'm wearing right now or the purple ones and green ones they have
I won't buy these colors from Kat Von D since I rarely wear these kinds of color
and Kat Von D seems too pricey for a color you don't normally wear
So I really like to purchase bold colors form Colourpop
when I want to try out some fun colors since they're so affordable
So that completes this video
I hope this video helps you guys
Bye guys
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(ENG SUB) Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip // 14 Lip Swatches + Review│Cara Wu

452 Folder Collection
ㄚ淇 published on May 22, 2017
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