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  • Released during Oscar season of 1997, this Gus Van Sant drama film not only scored itself

  • nine nominations, it also made $225 million against its modest $10 million dollar budget.

  • In the role that'd make him a household name, Matt Damon stars as the title character: a

  • math prodigy who is wasting his life away living in South Boston, and working a janitor.

  • The involved plot involves his quarrelsome relationship with his court-ordered therapist,

  • dealing with his townie friend Ben Affleck, his budding romantic involvement with Minnie

  • Driver, and studying under a renowned MIT professor. The infinitely versatile Robin

  • Williams is positively brilliant as the physiatrist, who challenges and battles Damon with long

  • emotional, soul-searching monologues in an Oscar-winning turn. Their adversarial contention

  • begets a loving friendship, and his the absolute bedrock of this 126-minute picture's story.

  • The original screenplay by Damon and Affleck famously won the two young boys from Boston

  • an Academy Award - and rightly so: the dialogue and writing here is nearly unparalleled...

  • one of the all-time best scripts, with Van Sant doing a fantastic job bringing it all

  • to life, framed by extremely lengthy close-ups, and beautiful repetition and imagery. Perfectly

  • paced, this movie flows effortlessly from one long sequence to the next, each one showcasing

  • the magnificent acting talent of the tight-nit cast, and highlighting another dramatic moment

  • from each of them, especially an overwhelmingly powerful exchange where Williams repeatedly

  • reassures Damon that his troubled past is "not his fault". The R-rated movie is also

  • wickedly funny - particularly if you're from the Boston area, and can relate to the antics

  • and camaraderie between Damon, Affleck, and their Southie buddies, like in a marvelous

  • scene where they confront a Harvard student at a bar, hilariously schooling him in front

  • of a potential female conquest. Or, when Affleck serves up sophisticated sounding malapropisms

  • to trick an interviewing board into believing he's Will, the math genius. Danny Elfman's

  • mellow score winds in and out of the picture beautifully, occasionally accompanied by some

  • wonderful acoustic ballads from singer-songwriter Elliot Smith. Taken from afar, the over-arching

  • plot here rarely surprises... but the small moments littered throughout is what makes

  • this experience so rewarding and powerful. An examination of trust, compassion, and finding

  • your true purpose in life - this is a relatable and enjoyable film that resonates with me

  • the more I watch, and the older I get. "Good Will Hunting", is a "Refreshingly emotional

  • and uplifting experience." Now let's hear your thoughts from the YouTube comments.

  • Our scores for "Good Will Hunting"... a double NINE. Although most held-off on the top score,

  • we all agreed the acting and writing in this picture was phenomenal, with both of us rating

  • this picture an AWESOME.

Released during Oscar season of 1997, this Gus Van Sant drama film not only scored itself

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