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♪ (reed flute) ♪
♪ (rousing music) ♪
- (narrator) My family tells of an ancient legend
about two great dragon brothers:
the Dragon of the North Wind,
and the Dragon of the South Wind.
Together, they upheld balance and harmony in the heavens.
[electricity buzzes]
[metal tinks]
But the two brothers argued over who could better rule their land.
Their quarrel turned to rage and a violent struggle darkened the skies
until the Dragon of the South Wind struck down his brother.
He fell to earth, shattering the land.
(nocking crossbow)
[electricity crackles]
(man groans)
Oh, oh..
[joint cracks, man groans]
(arrow whistles)
[phone and arrow clatter]
(bell gongs)
- (narrator) The Dragon of the South Wind had triumphed.
But as time passed
and he realized his solitude,
the sweetness of victory turned to ash.
For years,
the bereft dragon's grief
threw the world into discord,
and he knew only bitterness and sorrow.
(unsheathing blade)
One day,
a stranger called out to the dragon and asked,
"O, Dragon Lord,
why are you so distraught?"
The dragon told him,
"Seeking power, I killed my brother.
But without him,
I am lost."
The stranger replied,
"You have inflicted wounds upon yourself,
but now you must heal.
Walk the earth on two feet as I do,
find value in humility,
then, you will find peace."
Man: You are not the first assassin sent to kill me.
And you will not be the last.
[suit powers up]
Assassin: You are bold to come to Shimada Castle,
the den of your enemies.
Man: This was once my home.
Did your masters not tell you who I was?
[arrow whooshes]
Assassin: I know who you are,
(arrow flies)
I know you come here every year, on the same day.
(arrow flies)
[arrows whoosh]
You risk so much to honor someone you murdered!
[shurikens whistle]
[metal clangs]
[metal knocks]
You know nothing of what happened!
(arrow flies)
[metal clangs]
[metal clings]
[arrow pieces whistle]
[metal softly clangs]
[arrow pieces whistle]
(sheathing sword)
Assassin[OS]: I know you tell yourself
that your brother disobeyed the clan,
[wood knocks]
and that you have to kill him to maintain order.
That it was your duty.
It was my duty,
and my burden.
(arrow spins)
[metal clangs]
[arrow whistles]
That does not mean
I do not honor him!
[arrow whistles deeply]
[slow motion ringing]
[wood knocks]
[metal clangs]
[metal collides]
[metal clangs]
[Hanzo grunts]
[Hanzo groans]
[metal collides]
You think you honor your brother Genji
with incense offerings?
Honor resides in one's actions.
You dare to lecture me about honor?
You are not worthy to say his name!
[electricity charges]
Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau! {龍が我が敵を喰らう!} [Dragon, eat my enemies!]
[arrow whistles] [dragons growl]
Ryūjin no ken wo kurae! {龍神の剣を喰らえェ!} [Eat the sword of the dragon!]
[dragon growls]
[dragons growl]
(sheathes blade)
[machinery clicks]
Only a Shimada can control the dragons.
Who are you?
[machinery clicks]
Do it then.
Kill me.
Assassin: No.
I will not grant you the death you wish for.
You still have a purpose in this life...
My brother is dead.
[machinery clicks]
[air hisses]
- (narrator) The dragon knelt upon the ground.
For the first time, he was able to clearly see the world around him,
and he became human.
The stranger revealed himself as his fallen brother.
Reunited, the two set out to rebuild what they had once destroyed.
What have you..become?
[machinery clicks]
[lights buzz]
I have accepted what I am,
and I have forgiven you.
Now you must forgive yourself.
The world is changing once again, Hanzo,
and it's time to pick a side.
[slates clatter]
Real life is not like the stories our father told us!
You were a fool for believing it so.
Perhaps I am a fool to think there is still hope for you,
but I do.
Think on that, brother.
Overwatch: Coming to PC and consoles May 24th!
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Overwatch animated short Dragons

937 Folder Collection
Caesar Wang published on May 21, 2017
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