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So, Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov was born in 1891
He was very famous soviet author, and also
a doctor.
Actually that is why often in his books you
may meet medical topics.
He was born in Kyiv city in the family of Theological Seminary
Associate Professor Afanasiy Ivanovich Bulgakov, and his wife
teacher of women's gymnasium Varvara Mikhaylovna.
Mikhail Bulgakov got the profession of a doctor in Kyiv
university and later worked as a doctor in many
cities of Russian and Ukraine.
And also at the front and even the Red Cross.
And, of course, he is the author of many novels,
stories and plays.
Master and Margarita - this is one of the most famous
novels of Mikhail Bulgakov.
Work at it he started around the age of thirty
years old, and did not finish until his death.
That is, the novel was never finished by the writer.
All drafts were edited already by his widow
after the death of Mikhail Bulgakov.
And, of course, the novel was first time published
already after the author's death.
Total Mikhail Bulgakov created several versions of the
And the first of them was called "The hoof of engineer", then
"Black Magician" and some others.
However, this version author burned in 1930.
This is a very interesting fact, because in the novel
"Master and Margarita" Master - the protagonist of the novel - also
burns his novel.
That is, there is a clear parallel between the caracter
of the novel and Mikhail Bulgakov himself.
After that Mikhail Bulgakov added another line
to his novel, rewriting it from scratch.
There already appears a love story between a Master
and Margarita.
The final title of the novel was chosen only
in 1937, just three years before his death.
The novel "The Master and Margarita" in Russia and the CIS countries has
approximately the same reputation as the "Macbeth" in the UK.
This novel has always been surrounded by some secrets, mysticism,
disputes of critics.
Probably because in the novel takes part the Devil himself!
That is, the Devil is one of the main characters
of the novel.
In general, the novel contains 2 storylines.
The first deals with biblical subjects.
This is a story about the procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate and Jeshua
Ganotsri, the prototype of which was the biblical story
about procurator of Judea, and Jesus Christ.
The second storyline takes place in the modern
for the writer times in Moscow.
Margarita is a woman, living in an unhappy marriage, who
continues to look for love.
And one day she meets on the street with the Master, and understand,
that he is "the one", the only one, her beloved person.
But the Master had got problems because of his novel,
and to save him, Margarita goes to a deal with the Devil
and becomes a witch.
You see, that the story is really very unusual and entangled
by bunch of mystical moments.
Therefore, the reading will be very exciting!
I am sure that this novel will be liked by fans of
mysticism, philosophy, as well as to all the romantic natures,
to incorrigible romantics.
In this novel, you will be able to see flights over Moscow on a broomstick,
speaking black cat,
"So what? It seems that I am asking in the Russian language: so what?"
You will be able to look inside to the arguing neighbors window,
you will see the demon Azazello that can walk
through the mirrors.
"-Azazello - I'm going!"
will visit the session of black magic in the Moscow theater "Var'yete".
and even at a ball at the Devil himself!
Many filmmakers believe that the novel "The Master and
Margarita" is cursed.
They tried to film it many times.
The first director, very known in the Soviet
Union received reject from the government, another director had
insufficient funding.
The third in a dream, as he said, saw the wife of
Mikhail Bulgakov, who said that the screening won't be done.
In '71 came the first film version of the novel.
In '89 came even four-part series.
Then in '94 it was filmed the 3rd version of the film,
however, it was released only in 2011 (can you
imagine it?), and all because of disagreements between the director and producer
of the movie.
The most famous and successful, in my opinion, and the opinion of
many critics, the film adaptation of the novel is a series
"Master and Margarita" 10 series, which was released in
2005 by director Vladimir Bortko.
However, even here was not without mystery, because
within 10 years after the filming, died
18 people who played in this series.
And the actors were of different ages, and the death of some
of them it was really sudden.
And iactually in the novel "The Master and Margarita" the Devil himself
says these words: "Yes, man is mortal.
But this would be not so bad.
The bad news is that he sometimes suddenly mortal.
That is the problem".
This novel combines many topics, such as
important social issues like that all the evil in the world
is done by the people themselves, and not, for example, by the Devil
or demons; philosophical issues such as "is there
a life after death?" or
question of faith in God; and religious issues, wherein
biblical themes (Bible stories) are shown
on the part of human feelings and human
behavior, so the pictures from the Bible as if anew
come to life "in the hands" of Bulgakov; of course there is very
strong love theme, it is the power of love of Master
and Margarita and what sacrifices they are ready to make for
each other.
I believe that this novel can be easily put on the one
shelf with such well-known works of the world
literature as "Hell" (Inferno) by Dante Alighieri, "Faust" by Johann
Wolfgang Goethe and "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare. Now
let's look at some famous quotes from this
I think that they will not leave you indifferent.
So, as you can see, the novel "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov
is worthy of your attention. And
If this review called your interest, you can
read this book by yourself. If
you already have a good level of Russian language, you can
read the book in original. If
you are not completely confident in your abilities (reading in original), then look at
the link that I left below the video - there you will find
parallel translation of the novel. What
does it mean? In
one column there is the original text in Russian,
in the other one - literary translation into English.
So, when you have a problem with the translation, you
will be able todeal with the problem quickly, taking a look
to the English translation. This is
a very good variat of reading. If
you are a beginner, or do not want to read "The Master
and Margarita "in the original, but still interested
in this novel, of course, you can read it in translation.
I think that reading in translation - it is absolutely normal,
because, if I would not read the translations, I
would never have met wonderful books
from around the world: from Japan, from England, from France. Therefore
you absolutely easily can read the translation of the novel
to your langiage. And
of course, I can also recommend you to watch the TV series "The Master
and Margarita" from 2005 (link also can be found under this
This will be a very good practice of listening.
Of course, do not expect a super cool special effects in this
series, because maybe it was not enough
of the budget or may be in 2005 there was no yet good enought
technology, but still the game of actors there
terrific, and the film adaptation is really worthy.
And that is all for today.
Write in the comments about your impressions of the novel, if
you've already read it, or if you just start to read it.
Because, really, the opinions about this book diverge,
and I am interested in YOUR opinion.
Also, please write in the comments whether you want to
hear other reviews about Russian literature.
I wish you good luck in learning the Russian language, reading
Russian literature, and hope to see you at our future
video lessons.
Good luck to everyone!
Bye-bye! :)
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Russian Literature: "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov

130 Folder Collection
李姿妤 published on May 21, 2017
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