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What's up guys!
So for once in my entire life, I'm making a serious video.
No comedy. No jokes. No nothing!
At least I'll try.
But before that, I have a question for you.
Do you want to get the power to make anyone fall for you?
And when I say anyone I mean boys, girls, miscellaneous, cats, dogs.
I'm no one to judge.
Well of course you want that!
You clicked on this video!
And the secret to get everything you've ever wanted
aka how to speak with a French accent.
And ze secret eez...
being French!
I said no bad jokes. Damn it.
Anyway, so let's get to the heart of the matter.
And start with the sound that defines the French accent,
which is the "r" /r/
Okay so do it with me now.
But yeah, the /r/ sound doesn't exist at all in English.
So you probably need to train.
The secret behind the sound is that you need to control it.
For example, we don't say croissant , we say croissant.
So if you want to sound French, you need your /r/ to sound soft and controlled.
Number two, in French, we don't have /v/ sound. (/th/)
I mean /v/! vat, vis. (that, this)
So if you want to sound French, if you want to be French,
if you want to make love to people just by talking to them,
(that escalated quickly)
you just need to remove that /v/, vis,
the /th/ sound by z.
In that, a sentence like "This evening, me and my brother went to the park. This was wonderful."
would become
"Zis evening, me and my brother went to ze park, zees was wonderful."
Number three, if you want to sound like a real French, speaking English like a Spanish cow,
(French idioms are the best!)
You need to drop the "h".
What the f**k am I doing with this video...
So what I was saying is that you need to stop pronouncing the "h".
In French and while doing a French accent, the "h" is silent.
In fact, you wouldn't say "We are going to the hostel."
but "We are going to ze ostel."
And finally, what defines our accent, is that it's fancy and sexy.
We try to kiss and make love with words.
And I guess you wonder how to do that.
Well, you only need to make your vowel sound small by barely moving your mouth.
Make everything you say very soft.
Melodic, becomes a lover he, she, it (?) always wanted you to be.
And here it is!
You just need to learn how to act like a French,
and you'll be able to go eat snails in France with your baguette.
And no one will ever be able to know that you're not one of us.
And if they ask you if you speak French, you already know what to say!
And this is the end of how to speak English with a French accent.
I hope you'll like the video.
If you did, don't forget to put a thumbs up, share the video, subscribe if you have not.
I will see you in my next video, and in the meantime, don't forget to smile, and bye bye!
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17248 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on May 31, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Hsin reviewed
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