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  • Keeping 70 years of war on the books is not only a bad idea, it is a hazard.

  • That period is longer than copyright laws and ten times longer than debts can be collected

  • and taxes audited.

  • At some point, old debts are better to be sold off to keep the books clear of overdue

  • accounts receivable.

  • China has its reasons to want Taiwan, just as the Taiwanese have their reasons not to

  • want China’s flag flown on their soil.

  • But, keeping the discussion unresolved has resulted in growing opposition, not for Taiwan,

  • but for China.

  • China’s “One Belt One Roadproject in Europe is under investigation for legal

  • compliance.

  • Just the investigation is an insult and, even if it ends in China’s favor, that investigation

  • could be reopened at any point in the future, even after the railroad has been completed.

  • The two main points to note in the deal are that the government of China is negotiating

  • in the manner of a private business entity and that China is consistent in wanting singularity

  • in more areas than just maps.

  • The US has sent carrier group USS Carl Vinson to what it is callingroutine operations

  • in China’s backyard.

  • Without 70 years on the books, not so many changes could be so easily chalked up toroutine”.

  • Now, India wants in on the game.

  • When resisting Beijing control, many will cite Communist States like North Korea or

  • Cuba.

  • People don’t want their country to change in a way that introduces the need to join

  • the government or military in order to have hope of a stable future.

  • Taiwanese see smog in China’s air and feces in China’s streets and they think that more

  • territory would make life even worse on an already strained government.

  • But, then there is what happened in Hong Kong.

  • Regardless of which side of the issue people are on, media mogul Jimmy Lai, students, police,

  • government, and businesses in Hong Kong saw quite a disturbance in Central during the

  • Umbrella Movementoccupation.

  • But, Taipei’s “Sunflower Movementonly lasted three weeks and ended voluntarily,

  • not three months only ending by forced eviction.

  • Taiwanese elect whomever they want and they are happy.

  • Hong Kong’s theater and controversy, on all sides of the biases, can’t happen in

  • Taiwan as the island’s situation now stands.

  • If China’s flag flew over Taiwan’s, that would change and ways of life that are as

  • subtle as they are constant would be up for grabs.

  • Chinese have their reasons for wanting to reclaim Taiwan.

  • Taiwanese have everyone’s way of life in Asia as their reason for wanting the countries

  • to call status quo what it is.

  • Regime change would be a disruption, no matter who makes it.

Keeping 70 years of war on the books is not only a bad idea, it is a hazard.

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