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This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Challenge!
Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days!
Jumpstart your vocabulary in 2017.
Today is Day 24 and we're studying phrasal verbs with “grow”.
Is this 30-day vocabulary challenge really starting to grow on you?
If something grows on you, that means that you like it more and more.
Maybe at the beginning you weren’t sure about it
but as time went on, you found you did like something.
At first I didn’t like the name they chose for their baby, but it’s really grown on me.
To grow apart means to be less close.
This happens over time.
We were best friends in college, but we’ve really grown apart.
We hardly talk anymore.
To grow back means to grow after something has been cut.
I hate my haircut, but I know it’ll grow back.
Or, the forest will grow back eventually after the fire.
To grow into something means to get big enough.
These shoes are too big for my son, but he’ll grow into them by next year.
It also means to become more natural or comfortable with something.
She’s really grown into a confident young woman.
Or, There’s a lot to learn, he needs some time to grow into the job.
We use the term grow out with hair.
So at the hair salon you might say, I’m trying to grow out my hair, so just trim a little off.
This means I want it to be longer. I’m growing it out.
To grow out of something means to get too big for something.
Why spend a lot of money on children’s clothes?
They’ll just grow out of them so fast!
It can also mean to stop doing something as you get older.
I wish he’d grow out of this temper tantrum phase.
It can also mean to develop because of something.
The non-profit grew out of a need for affordable housing.
To grow up is to become an adult.
When I grow up, I want to teach English.
We also say it to someone who is being immature.
For example, maybe someone is making fun of someone else, and you say, “grow up!”
We also use it to mean to spend childhood. I want my children to grow up around their grandparents.
Or, I grew up in Florida.
Grow begins with the GR consonant cluster. Gr-
Your lips can make the shape of the R as you make the G.
The G is made with t he back of the tongue touching the soft palate.
So the front and middle part of the tongue can be in position for the R, with the tip pulled back and up.
Then all you have to do is release the back, gr-, gr-. Grow.
Then the OH as in NO diphthong.
Your jaw drops some at the beginning, and then the lips will round a bit. Grow, grow, grow.
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253 Folder Collection
Darren published on May 15, 2017
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