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Saturday was the hundred-day mark of Trump's presidency,
which means he no longer has that "new president" smell.
Uh, if I had to guess, I would say he now smells like
nepotism and steak sauce.
And so, uh, because it was a hundred days,
it was time for the media to take a look back.
...President Trump's 100th day in office.
Has he been changed by holding the highest office in the land?
NEWSWOMAN: The magnitude of the office
has changed Donald Trump in some ways.
The vice president told us it was obvious
from the first time he walked into the Oval Office.
And he sat behind that desk, and I could just...
I could just tell from the look on his face
how moved he was.
Yeah, I think that look you saw on Trump's face
was him going, "Oh, (bleep), this joke went way too far."
So, some people think that being president
has changed Donald Trump-- but has it?
Has it, really?
Well, on Saturday, to mark his 100th day,
Donald Trump held a giant campaign rally in Pennsylvania.
And watching it, it was hard to tell
if it was April now
or April a year ago.
'Cause Trump's speech at the rally sounded hella familiar.
Make America great again.
Our jobs were stolen away and shipped... far away...
That's right, get him out of here.
Get him out.
We will build the wall
as sure as you are standing there tonight.
We need the wall.
We'll build the wall, folks. Don't even worry about it.
Go to sleep. Go home, go to sleep.
He sounds like the world's laziest hypnotist.
Go to sleep, go to sleep.
When you wake up, uh, there'll be a wall, things will be fine.
I don't know, go to sleep. Go to sleep.
But it makes sense, it makes sense.
He wanted his supporters to go to sleep,
because at least then they'd have napped though his, uh,
day in congress when they agreed on a budget
that allocates no money for the wall.
Zero. Yeah, that's what happened.
First, Mexico won't pay; now congress won't pay.
Trump is running out of options, right?
He's either gonna have to launch a Kickstarter
or go on Shark Tank.
Which would be really humiliating,
because then he'd have to ask for money
from real billionaires.
And, you know, the longer...
-(applause, whooping) -the longer...
(cheering and applause)
The longer you watched the rally,
the more you saw that Trump hasn't changed.
So many things are the same.
Even his relationship with his one black fan.
Thank you for that sign, "Blacks for Trump."
-I love that guy. -(rally crowd cheers)
"Blacks for Trump."
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, man.
That's great, that's really cool.
Even Donald Trump is shocked
that there's a black person in his audience.
You see how excited he got?
(mimics Trump): Oh, wow, that's really cool.
(regular voice): Like, he points out black people in his crowd
like he's on a whale watching tour.
(mimics Trump): Look over there!
Look! A black one. It's so majestic.
All right, Jeff Sessions, ready the harpoon.
(audience exclaims)
(regular voice): Look, I, uh...
I wanted Trump to change as much as anyone.
He was fun and divisive on the campaign trail,
and I hoped, I hoped that the Oval Office
would shape him into a white Obama,
but we have to admit that it's not gonna happen.
Especially when he still says things like this:
Media outlets,
like CNN and MSNBC
are fake news.
There's another big gathering taking place tonight
in Washington DC.
-Did you hear about it? -(rally crowd exclaims)
A large group
of Hollywood actors...
(rally audience exclaiming)
and Washington media
are consoling each other
in a hotel ballroom
in our nation's capital right now.
They are gathered together
for the White House Correspondents' Dinner,
-without the president. -(rally crowd laughing)
Like, uh, like, who is this guy?
I wonder if that's how Donald Trump turns down any invitation.
(mimics Trump): Eric, next week,
it's our birthday party,
without the president.
(regular voice): Now, look, I, I'm not one
to call the president a liar,
but I don't know if I believe
that the Correspondents' Dinner was a sad event.
In fact, let's just ask the man who headlined the entire thing,
our very own Hasan Minhaj, everybody.
(cheers and applause)
That's right.
That's right, that's right.
(cheering and applause continues)
That's right, that's right.
-Hasan Minhaj. -Mmm.
My man.
Man, what a great job, dude. You did a great job.
Oh, I know, Trevor, I know.
I didn't just speak truth to power, Trevor,
I kicked power in the balls.
You've been trying to take down Trump for a year and a half.
I did it in one night.
Yep, one night.
-Right, right. -Mmm. -(cheering and applause)
Hasan, Hasan, Hasan, Hasan.
Like you, you crushed it at the dinner,
but I don't think you took Trump down.
Oh, it was a total knockout finish, my man.
I got up, I gave my speech, and then 25 minutes later,
Donald Trump resigned the presidency.
He cried.
He apologized to America for wasting our time.
His hair fell off,
and then when he bent over to pick it up, he split his pants.
You're welcome, America.
-We did it, we did it. -No, no, no-- cut it.
Hasan. Hasan, sit down, man, sit down.
None of that happened.
Trump is still president.
So all my-- all my roasting had no effect?
I-I'm sorry, man.
Can I keep the belts?
-I mean, you bought them, so, yeah. -Hell, yeah!
-I bought them at the airport, man. -(cheering and applause)
Hasan Minhaj, everybody.
Hasan Minhaj.
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President Trump's 100-Day Milestone: The Daily Show

886 Folder Collection
EZ Wang published on May 15, 2017
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