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  • How to Act If You're Stopped by the Police. Whether you call them the police, the Five-0,

  • the Po-po, or something else entirely, be cool and follow these steps. You will need

  • The ability to remain calm Good manners and a little luck!. Step 1. Relax. Being nervous,

  • even if you’ve done nothing at all, makes cops suspicious. Step 2. If you’re

  • in a car, put your hands in front of you, on the steering wheel. Don’t reach for

  • your license or registration until you’re asked. Police are trained to assume that everyone

  • has a hidden weapon, so don’t give them reason to believe that you might. Step 3.

  • Remember the old adage, “Speak only if spoken to”? Now’s a good time to follow it. Don’t

  • offer excuses or explanations; you may be admitting to something theyre not even

  • pulling you over for! Call the personofficerinstead ofsirormaam.” Surveys

  • show this is the greeting police prefer. Step 4. Stay put. If you get out of a car after

  • being stopped, police assume it’s to attack. The same rule applies when there’s no car

  • involved; if you walk even a few steps away, they assume youre making a run for it.

  • If you have anything illegal, in a car or elsewhere, don’t look at it! Police are

  • trained to study body language. Step 5. Do not complain or argue. It will never, ever

  • work. Keep things civileven friendlyand they just may cut you some slack.

  • If you have a Police Benevolent Association card, or membership to another police organization,

  • keep it in your wallet so the officer can see it when you take out your license. Just

  • try not to be too obvious about it! Step 6. If you get a ticket, simply take it and say

  • thank you,” as hard as that may be. Being rude can only make trouble for you in the

  • future. Did you know Fourteen million arrests are made in the U.S. every year.

How to Act If You're Stopped by the Police. Whether you call them the police, the Five-0,

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