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  • In May 2016, one of the most famous motor races in the world was held in the tiny country

  • of Monaco. Despite its size, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the top three highest prestige

  • events in the sport, and has one of the least conventional tracks which runs throughout

  • the actual streets of Monaco. But the microstate is known for more than just racing, so, just

  • how powerful is Monaco?

  • Well, Monaco is bordered on three sides by France, and size-wise, it is not only small,

  • it’s actually the second smallest sovereign country on earth after Vatican City. Although

  • it is about four-and-a-half times the size of the papal enclave, Monaco takes up less

  • than 1 square mile of space, and it has a population of less than 40,000. As a result

  • of its extremely small size, it’s the single most densely populated independent state in

  • the world.

  • Additionally Monaco is arguably the richest country in the world, or at least the country

  • where the richest people live. Although its GDP is only about 6 billion dollars, that

  • comes down to more than $160,000 per person, the highest per capita GDP on earth. And that’s

  • not just a statistical fluke caused by their size. As one of the most premier luxury destinations,

  • one in three residents of Monaco are millionaires. In a country known for high stakes gambling,

  • high speed racing, and no income tax whatsoever, it’s not hard to see why the wealthy flock

  • to Monaco.

  • In 1861, Monaco was established as an independent country in the Franco-Monegasque (Mone-gah-ske)

  • Treaty. Then in 1918, the treaty was updated to included a provision for France to take

  • care of Monaco’s basic military needs as long as it aligned with France’s political,

  • military, and economic interests. Also, Monaco became a full member of the United Nations

  • in 1993, and is able to directly appeal to the intergovernmental body. Monaco actually

  • has the largest per capita police presence in the world, with roughly 1 officer for every

  • 100 residents.

  • What’s fascinating is Monaco is also one of only three European states to still maintain

  • an active royal family, as it is a constitutional monarchy. The Prince of Monaco is the country’s

  • head of state, and he splits power with the 24-member Parliament. The Prince also serves

  • as the country’s judicial branch, and has control over the Monaco judiciary.

  • Clearly, Monaco comes in at the top of most lists, due to its tiny size and full sovereign

  • status. But despite the high proportion of millionaires living in the city-state and

  • the highest life expectancy in the world, Monaco itself has little international influence.

  • More realistically, although it is somewhat self-sufficient, it still relies on France

  • for public transportation and military protection, and has switched to the French monetary policy,

  • the Euro. So it may make more sense to ask, how powerful is France?

  • Luckily, weve got an answer for you! Check out this video to learn about France’s social,

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In May 2016, one of the most famous motor races in the world was held in the tiny country

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