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You shot most of Terminator Genisys in New Orleans, I know.
Yes, I did.
Now, Jai Courtney was here last week and he's your costar in the film.
He claimed that he did no drinking at all because he wanted to stay in shape.
Of course he did.
Was that not true?
I had a feeling that was a lie.
He's Australian so that...
Yea, it didn't seem like it made sense.
Where did you stay when you were there?
I stayed in this beautiful beautiful house,
but oh my goodness, it was definitely definitely haunted.
A haunted house.
Like 100 percent.
And I figured it out, well I found out, because there're all these kind of like the haunted places in New Orleans.
And they're all like, you know it's haunted because the air is really thick and it feels kind of, like, super humid.
And I was like, "Oh that's like all of my house."
I just knew it. You know... it was broken.
So you experienced...
You can hear like slamming doors and like all this freaky stuff.
But the funniest thing was that I was actually renting it from my very good friend Michiel Huisman,
who is on the show Game of Thrones. Daario, gorgeous.
Oh Daario, oh yeah he is gorgeous.
And he didn't...he...I tried to...
I was kind of saying how there were lots of places in New Orleans that were haunted
and he was like, "yeah my house isn't though."
And I was like, "Uh-huh yeah..."
So this might be the first moment that he knows.
That he finds out his house is haunted.
Well, that's not going to help his resell value. That's for sure.
No, it's not, you know it might not...no...
No, 'cause I thought it was like an air conditioning situation.
So it got to the point one night where we've been doing later night shoots
and I was like, "Okay, I've had enough. I've got to go get like an air conditioning unit."
So I called Jai, who's also having a seri...another problem.
And I was like, "Will you come with me to Home Depot like 3 am?"
"To get an air conditioning unit."
- Alright. - Why not?
Why not! But I got a little...umm...I got a little nervous that someone might recognize me.
Yeah and you don't want to be caught at Home Depot.
Oh no! No, I mean, it was like 3 am!
No, I don't want to know what they'll say.
I know, it's like what the hell Khaleesi is up to? - At all! At all!
I was kind of, you know, just sleepy.
And so I put this cap on and then I was... I thought it'd be a really good idea to do an American accent
'cause then that will make me less...you know, people might clock me less.
Yeah right.
And I just scavenged a...
Well let me...I'd love to hear you American accent because I'm always interested, cause I don't think we even have that...
I guess in certain regions we have accents...but we do, obviously.
It was late, so my American accent you heard on Terminator kind of changed a little bit into [Valley Girl Accent] Cali from the Valley.
She's like this whole, like, situation.
Isn't it amazing?
Wow, that's actually very good.
Thank you.
Yeah, we had, like, a really good time.
I got so close, like getting Jai to buy me like a 700-dollar air conditioning unit.
I, like, got the guy to help me. He was freaking out.
It was awesome.
You know if you would come out here and just started talking like that...
Just started Cali from the Valley?
It would probably just make my brain short circuiting. People would wonder what the hell is going on?
Amazing, yeah.
Who...Did you base that on someone you know?
I, like, love Clueless.
I'm Jimmy Kimmel. Thanks for watching.
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Emilia Clarke Can Talk Like a Valley Girl

54039 Folder Collection
Sabrina Hsu published on March 29, 2018    Sabrina Hsu translated    missnerdypants reviewed
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