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Hello everyone and welcome back to a new video.
Today I would like to talk with you in Englishhhh...
For the people who don't speak German and don't understand what the channel name means,
it's like "These videos lead to nothing" ,
so you have nothing less to expect than nothing.
I thought it might be interesting for you to talk with you about
"How to talk and act like a German in a foreign country".
It's very very important that you have, of course, a German accent and act a little bit like a German.
So there are three official rules you need to follow to be a German in a foreign country:
Rule number. 1: Talk with a German accent.
Rule number. 2: Be grumpy if you'd like.
I used to be grumpy in a foreign country and the people seem to love it a lot.
And rule number. 3: Carry a Bratwurst, a Currywurst, a Bockwurst, a Brühwurst or a Fleischwurst with you all the time,
and then you are ready to go to a foreign country as a German-like person.
And now there are three sentences you'll need to use in a foreign country immediately:
Sentence number 1: Hello this is Daniel speaking and I love to eat Bratwurst.
Then show the person you're talking to your bag of Bratwursts.
Sentence number 2: Hello this is Daniel speaking and I'd like to bake a bread with you.
Then show the person you're talking to your flour and start baking a bread.
Sentence number. 3: Goodbye, this was Daniel speaking and I prefer to talk with you another time on Thursday, 2 O'clock sharp.
I hope you enjoy today's English lesson and if you like to see more English lessons,
please give us some thumbs-up!
And maybe next time you'll learn more English-German phrases... as you say.
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HOW TO speak English with a German accent

29215 Folder Collection
Mii Wei published on May 19, 2017    Mii Wei translated    Hsin reviewed
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