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  • Minecon has a location, the Xbox One's headset has been revealed...along with the fact that

  • the console will not come bundled WITH a headset, Sony to announce several more PS4 games at

  • Gamescom, and more! Hey guys, Jess here! And this is the Curse Weekly Roundup.

  • First up - Minecon's location and dates have been revealed. Minecon 2013 will be taking

  • place in Orlando, Florida, November 2nd and 3rd. The location itself wasn't a HUGE surprise

  • after Jeb let it slip several weeks ago that it would be taking place somewhere on the

  • east coast of the US - that, paired Mojang's contract with Disney, led many to believe

  • it would be taking place actually AT Disneyworld. So far Mojang has only confirmed the city,

  • so I guess we'll have to wait and see. What do you guys think? Is Minecon 2013 gonna be

  • at Disneyworld? Leave me a comment and let me know!

  • Next, late last week Microsoft revealed details on the Xbox one's headset. It's very similar

  • to the OLD version of the Xbox 360 headset, with the volume and mute controls on the part

  • that plugs into the controller for easy access. However, this new console's headset will use

  • a wideband voice codec for sharper voice chat.

  • A few days after revealing these details, Microsoft dropped the news that the Xbox One

  • Headset, which they deem a "must-have," willd NOT come bundled with the console like the

  • 360 did, and instead you'll have to purchase it separately from the $500 system. Oh yes,

  • they've stated they're sticking with that price tag, by the way. Fortunately, we are

  • still capable of using third-party headsets with the Xbox One.

  • Moving on, Sony has revealed plans to announce several more PS4 games at Gamescom. Where

  • other companies tend to see E3 as the only important game conference, Sony has a history

  • of giving Gamescom nearly equal weight. And while they haven't nailed down a firm release

  • date, Sony also confirmed that the PS4 will launch in Europe before Christmas - maybe

  • we'll see a release date announcement AT Gamescom?

  • Next, wanna win a 3DS XL and other awesome prizes? Marriland's having a Pokemon X and

  • Y Giveaway Bonanza where you could win a preorder of Pokemon X or Y, a 3DS XL Limited Pikachu

  • Yellow Edition, or other cool prizes. It's SO easy to enter the sweepstakes, we'll put

  • a link to it in the description. The sweepstakes is open to most of North America and Europe

  • - and uh, I don't see anything about Curse employees being that means

  • I can enter, right?

  • Finally, Gamepedia has gotten a redesign. We listened to the community feedback we got

  • from you guys and took it into account to make Gamepedia more streamlined, allowing

  • quicker access to a variety of resources, so definitely check out the new design at

  •, and let us know if you have any additional feedback.

  • Well, that's all for this week! Be sure to subscribe if you haven't already, and give

  • us a thumbs up for more gaming news! Once again I'm Jess - thanks for watching, enjoy

  • the game.

Minecon has a location, the Xbox One's headset has been revealed...along with the fact that

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