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♪ [musical theme]
(female) There's a lot you can learn in a classroom.
But there's more to learn by stepping outside.
When you study overseas,
you'll put your knowledge into practice,
and develop the global skills
which employers look for in today's graduates.
That's why ANU helps you to get overseas as often as possible.
From just a few weeks to an entire year,
we give you a world of choices,
The year in Asia.
This is the year of your life.
Immerse yourself in another culture,
and master an Asian language,
while you study at one of our partner unis.
You'll also see parts of the world you've only dreamt of,
and make friends for life.
Semester in Asia.
For those who want to fast-track their language fluency,
a six-month program,
where you will complete language study at a university in Asia,
and a great way to get a taste for the region.
Study for six months at any of our partner universities
from around the world.
Choose from a range of courses that will count towards your degree,
like: International Relations,
Politics, Law,
and the sciences.
In-country language courses.
Make your holidays work for you.
Running over the summer and winter breaks,
these courses are the perfect choice
if you're looking to accelerate your language learning
while you take a break and travel around Asia.
Study tour courses.
Fieldwork has never been so much fun.
Two to six week intensive courses,
led by an ANU academic,
that include language training, fieldwork,
and visits to international organizations.
See yourself in places as varied
as China, Samoa, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Some work, more play.
You'll work in a professional organization overseas,
and get noticed by future employers.
And because we know adventures don't come cheap,
we guarantee you funding to help get you on your way.
In fact, if you enrol in the year in Asia,
we will guarantee you a minimum of $3,000
to spend on whatever you like.
Better yet, if your ATAR is above 95,
we will bump it up to a minimum of $5,000.
And do you want to know what the best part is?
You'll get credit towards your degree
while you're having the adventure of a lifetime.
♪ [upbeat music]
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Exchange and study abroad

297 Folder Collection
Carol Ong published on May 9, 2017
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