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  • (female) There's a lot you can learn in a classroom.

  • But there's more to learn by stepping outside.

  • When you study overseas,

  • you'll put your knowledge into practice,

  • and develop the global skills

  • which employers look for in today's graduates.

  • That's why ANU helps you to get overseas as often as possible.

  • From just a few weeks to an entire year,

  • we give you a world of choices,

  • including:

  • The year in Asia.

  • This is the year of your life.

  • Immerse yourself in another culture,

  • and master an Asian language,

  • while you study at one of our partner unis.

  • You'll also see parts of the world you've only dreamt of,

  • and make friends for life.

  • Semester in Asia.

  • For those who want to fast-track their language fluency,

  • a six-month program,

  • where you will complete language study at a university in Asia,

  • and a great way to get a taste for the region.

  • Exchange.

  • Study for six months at any of our partner universities

  • from around the world.

  • Choose from a range of courses that will count towards your degree,

  • like: International Relations,

  • Business,

  • Politics, Law,

  • Anthropology,

  • and the sciences.

  • In-country language courses.

  • Make your holidays work for you.

  • Running over the summer and winter breaks,

  • these courses are the perfect choice

  • if you're looking to accelerate your language learning

  • while you take a break and travel around Asia.

  • Study tour courses.

  • Fieldwork has never been so much fun.

  • Two to six week intensive courses,

  • led by an ANU academic,

  • that include language training, fieldwork,

  • and visits to international organizations.

  • See yourself in places as varied

  • as China, Samoa, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • Internships.

  • Some work, more play.

  • You'll work in a professional organization overseas,

  • and get noticed by future employers.

  • And because we know adventures don't come cheap,

  • we guarantee you funding to help get you on your way.

  • In fact, if you enrol in the year in Asia,

  • we will guarantee you a minimum of $3,000

  • to spend on whatever you like.

  • Better yet, if your ATAR is above 95,

  • we will bump it up to a minimum of $5,000.

  • And do you want to know what the best part is?

  • You'll get credit towards your degree

  • while you're having the adventure of a lifetime.

  • ♪ [upbeat music]

♪ [musical theme]

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