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  • You're a jerk, Thom.

  • Look Celia, we have to follow our passions;

  • have your robotics, and I just want to be awesome in space.

  • Why don't you just admit that you're freaked out by my robot hand?

  • I'm not freaked out by- it's...

  • ...alright! Fine!

  • I'm freaked out! I have nightmares that I'm being chased...

  • these giant robotic claws of death...

  • Whatever, Thom. We're done.

  • Robot's memory synced and locked!

  • This is pretty freaky.

  • Shouldn't you be down there?

  • I heard you guys talking last night.

  • It's not my fault, you know.

  • Are you ready?

  • Of course you're ready, you're a rockstar.

  • How's it looking, Barley?

  • We should have about ten minutes...

  • Well that's perfect.

  • We're on in one! All systems go! Yeah you, go!

  • Go! Move your asses! Go go go!

  • I love it! Come on, go!

  • That's nice.

  • Nothing to worry about.

  • Thom.

  • There she is.

  • Now.

  • You love her.

  • She is your passion!

  • Be tender to her.

  • Be honest! Eh- be tender.

  • Remind her what love is.

  • ...and, action!

  • Memory overwrite in progress!

  • You're a jerk, Thom!

  • Ohp- Sorry! Sorry.

  • Look Celia.

  • We have to follow our passions.

  • You have your robotics...

  • ...and I just want to be awesome in space.

  • Okay, they're coming. Two minutes left!

  • Speed it up, Thom!

  • Vivacissimo!

  • Why don't you just admit that you're freaked out by my robot hand?

  • Listen Celia, I was young...

  • ...and a dick.

  • But that's no reason to destroy the world.

  • Why does he do this?

  • We already tried that one!

  • Abort!

  • Cut!

  • Whoaaa!

  • Whoaaa!

  • Nooooo!

  • You broke my heart.

  • I know.

  • You forgot me on earth.

  • I know.

  • I should just crush you.

  • I'm-

  • I'm sorry.

  • Good ad-lib.

  • Not my fault!

  • This time.

  • Quiet on set!

  • We're out of time!

  • Come on!


  • Memory overwrite, 90%.

  • Captain! We have to abort!

  • The world's changed, Celia...

  • ...maybe we can too.

  • Memory overwrite complete!

  • You know.

  • There's a lesson to be learned from this.

  • Could'a gone worse.

You're a jerk, Thom.

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Tears of Steel - Blender Foundation's fourth short Open Movie

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/02/03
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