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It's been a while since I made a Scottish slang/ Scottish words video.
I picked ten famous Scottish phrases.
I'll write them from my 10th favorite to my favorite phrase.
Bear in mind that this kind of phrases vary from place to place.
Some places might still use these phrases; some places may not.
I know that I only use a couple of these, but here we go!
Number 10 is, "yer bum’s oot the windae".
That means that someone's talking absolute nonsense.
Like, if a person is talking rubbish, you would say, "yer bum’s oot the windae",
but that's one I have never used.
I personally have never heard it or used it, I don't think.
I live in West Dunbartonshire.
But let me know in the comments below if you've heard someone using this phrase.
That sounds like one that may be more used by elderly people or people that are a bit older.
I don't know but I thought I'd include it 'cause I thought it was quite funny.
Number 9 is definitely one that I've heard and it's "awa' and bile yer heid".
And it means, "oh...get lost. Don't talk rubbish."
Kind of like the last one. I have never heard anybody use this around this area and I see this way.
It's definitely one that I've heard of, and if you look up a bit of Scottish slang,
then that is usually a phrase that would crop up.
Basically just means, "don't be so ridiculous"
Number 8 is one that I have heard quite often actually and it's "wit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye".
And it just means, "what is meant to be will be", "que sera sera".
It's our Scottish version of saying "que sera sera" or "what will be will be".
Number 7 is a famous one and it's "lang may yer lum reek".
Now, I've never personally said this, ever.
I think I've only heard older people say this before.
But it's the Scottish version of "live long and prosper".
And a "lum" is a "chimney", so that is translated to "longly your chimney smoke",
also translated to "may you never be without fuel for your fire",
or yeah, "live long and prosper".
Number 6, again, I've not heard them use this before,
but I love it anyway and maybe I'll start using it, even though people would probably think I'm mental.
"Dinnae fash yerself."
And "dinnae fash yerself" means "don't worry about it", "don't even bother about it",
"don't let yourself get in a state about it".
Number 5 is one that I have used and I've heard a lot of people use it around here,
and it's "He's up to high doh." or "She's up to high doh."
and it just means they're getting themselves in a state, they're getting themselves all worked up,
getting themselves riled up so they're up to high doh.
I love that phrase. I don't know why.
Number 4 is another pretty famous one and it's "haste ye back".
"Haste ye back" just means "come back soon", basically.
A lot of you probably heard that one before.
Number 3 is an arbitrary phrase, and it's "haud yer wheesht".
I work with older people and you do hear a lot of them say "wheesht", and stuff like that, quite a lot.
I don't normally hear people saying "haud yer wheesht", but "wheesht" is definitely used on a regular basis, in my life anyway.
I enjoy the word "wheesht", but "haud yer wheesht" is definitely a famous phrase as well.
It means "shut up", "be quiet", "stop talking". "Haud yer wheesht."
Number 2. I love number 2. "It gies me the boak."
I use this a lot. When someone gets the boak, they feel sick.
If you see something disgusting, you would say "oh, that's gieing me the boak."
"It's just making me feel sick and it's making me throw up in my mouth."
An example for me: if I could smell something minging, I'd be like, "oh that's gieing me the boak."
I hate it when people spit. It makes me feel sick.
So if I saw someone spit, I'd be like...I'd be getting the boak! It would be gieing me the boak.
My number one famous phrase is "geein it laldy". I love that phrase so much.
I don't say it as often as I should, but it just means "giving it your all".
If you're "geein it laldy", you're giving it everything.
So if someone's dancing and they're going mad, you'll be like, "they're geein it laldy."
I just love that phrase so much.
I want to give some honorable mentions right because people will be like, "oh, you forgot this." "oh, you forgot this."
And I could only pick ten, so these are the ten that I picked.
But if you want to leave your top ten in the comments below, feel free.
But I want to give some honorable mentions to "ah dinnae ken".
When someone thinks of the Scottish language, they probably think we all say the phrase "ah dinnae ken".
I've never said that, seriously. I say it sometimes, like, "Ooh dinnae ken", as a joke.
But I wouldn't say that because I don't live in an area that actually says the word "ken".
But "dinnae ken" is another famous phrase that a lot of people think is what old Scottish people say, but that's not the case.
It just depends where you live.
And another honorable mention. I've been swaying between putting this as my number one, because I get brown.
And it's "skinny malinky long legs".
When I was a wee one, I was quite skinny and tall, and my dad used to call me "skinny malink".
And "skinny malinky long legs" can relate to a song, or as part of a song that we all learned as kids around here.
I don't know. Maybe some people didn't.
It was like, "Skinny Malinky long legs, big banana feet, went to the pictures and couldn't get a seat.
When the picture started, Skinny Malinky farted."
The "pictures" is a "cinema", by the way, for all those people...I think that's a Scottish word as well.
"Going to the pictures" would be "going to the cinema".
"Skinny malinky long legs" is just something that's tall and lanky and skinny, and has long legs and big banana feet.
I hope you enjoyed this video.
You can follow me on Snapchat, Twitter, all that stuff. I'll link it all below.
Leave your favorite Scottish sayings in the comments below, and I'll see you later! Bye!
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22209 Folder Collection
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