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You have three little girls now?
Yeah, three little girls.
-14...? -14,10 and 4 months.
4 months, oh my God.
We're both in the team no-sleep by now.
Yeah, but all girls, too. There's no male figure in the house besides you?
A dog? A pet, anything?
Well, there's one dog, but he's a dwarf lab (labrador), so...
He doesn't have much say-so in the house, I guess.
-Do you get to control the tv or that's gone? -No.
I think I do, until they actually come into the room and so... Give it up!
What are you watching now?
Yeah, you know, we're big on Disney, man.
So, one of our favorite shows, Stuck in the Middle, we'll watch that all day long.
Yeah, yeah, I watch it too. It's just always on.
We were singing the songs... just kinda singing and dancing.
I'm not saying it's bad at all, but I'm so happy I'm over Dora the Explorer.
-I love her. I love backpack, I love the whole thing. -Let's go!
-No, no, stop, please no! (Kobe singing)
-Everybody knows the song -I'm the map (Jimmy singing)
(Kobe continues singing) -Oh my god, we get it, you're the map!
-Exactly, the bass line. -Just tell me where to go!
Oh just please, tell me where to go!
Mountain, stream, castle! Okay, we'll do it! Let's go! Vamonos!
Gosh, I'm so happy I'm over that!
I know you're trying new things now, you're doing all this new stuff,
I still think, I don't think that you're retired in my brain,
because you're so young and I think you're still the best basketball player out there right now.
Can we work together, with the help of your fans? Let's get...
Can we work at a deal like and get you back for like 10 games a year?
Just do the playoffs!
Just come in, do the playoffs, leave and then win a championship.
Nah, stopped at 60, that's it.
That's it, right? Do you ever watch the games and think "I can probably do that one."
No, you know what? I watch all the games with my daughter. She loves playing basketball.
When we watch basketball, we watch it together, that sort of thing.
With both of my daughters, Natalia and Gianna,
when they started playing, you know I'm like, uh,
"Maybe you should shoot like this... a little bit?"
And they were like, "No, I got this."
I'm like... "Dude?!"
I'm me!
Seriously? Seriously?!
There was like a little break in the action, and I was like, "Mia, Mia! Come here!"
"When you get the rebound, you should do this!"
And then she's like "But the coach said..."
And I'm like "Oh God..."
Yeah, what am I doing here?
-"Shut up dad!" -"You don't know anything!"
"Get out of here! Just wait for me in the car!"
"Tiger dad! Tiger dad! Tiger dad!"
"No, not me, I didn't do it!"
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Kobe Bryant's Kids Ignore His Hall of Fame-Worthy Basketball Tips

38116 Folder Collection
Mii Wei published on May 17, 2017    Mii Wei translated    missnerdypants reviewed
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