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Today's classroom is based on an
assembly line model with children
sitting neatly in columns and rows.
They receive each predetermined subject and
are drilled to demonstrate knowledge.
Rote memorization...(audio fades)
(music builds)
(dynamic music)
My goal is to become a career firefighter and
you know hopefully be someone in the business.
Um, but even if they're not going into
that, communication, respect, confidence,
working together as part of the team, you know
all of those are huge things that they're going
to get out of this course.
The students are solving authentic problems
global challenges and integrating three years
of science three years of mathematics
and technology and engineering. We've got kids
with all kinds of ability levels and
different experiences here.
They're thinking and they're doing and that's it's
incredible to see that.
With cybersecurity classes and
networking classes what I like about
them is that the information that I
learn is often coupled with these
real-life situations and a lot of
hands-on application that we do in class.
This helps us because you have to know
how to work with people that you're not
used to working and that helps with
your communication skills.
So today we're doing a project about all
these kinds of different issues kind of
around the world. My group in particular
is doing political corruption around the world.
Um, it's just a lot of working together and
like you know kind of whoever you get
with you can have to make it work.
I think one application of student
portfolio is that it increases student
engagement with material and you can see
their growth set in any content
area that they select to do a project in.
I think it helps us stay connected as
a class because we do have like Google
classroom and they can, it helps us with
like warm ups and stuff so it helps
students stay engaged.
You have a lot of people who have
different ideas, different backgrounds, different
mindsets working together to make one product.
So, aside from the technical knowledge
you'll gain, you also gain the ability to
learn how to work in a group and
accomplish one goal.
Geometry and physics
Learn and listen
Learn very practical skills
I do expect them to try and to
fail and try again.
The best teachers
connect learning to the outside world.
(music ends)
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Education Innovation - Ignite Goal 1

161 Folder Collection
color cloud published on May 8, 2017
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