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Hey this is MatSan
and welcome to our..
so as we informed you last time
we are in...
already after 2nd day of traveling
and we actually already seen a lot
I think
it's wonderful
it's really wonderful here
we can quickly show you our hostel
this is our room
that's how it looks like
huge balcony
no, huge windows
that you can see the whole view outside at night
it's fantastic
about the trip
how do you like it? Sansan?
I like it a lot
the whole city is pretty chillin
not that busy as Warsaw
but still you feel like there is something going on in the city
it's not dead
so it's pretty fantastic
and I like this whole architecture
in the city
pretty Gothic
and I like this kind of darkness...dark side
I think the thing this city suffers from is the "edge"
because it's such an edge city of Poland
so you can't really...
I mean in my opinion
you can't really travel so fastly to other places, right?
in Poland
that's the thing
but other than that, it's really great
people are friendly
we are in Szczecin!
that's the...
musical architecture lol
I think there is suppose to be the castle
there, but I'm not sure about that
there he is, waving to us
like a dumb
more buildings
and this dumb
so disgusting
Sansan, what's this made from?
kind of
pretty cool from here
let's see
what is near here
it's actually...
we are on the way to search the castle
we guess this one in front of us
is probably the castle
something like this
this is suppose to be the castle
or not...?
cuz it's under the rebuilding
not sure
and we can not recognize
right now it's not even late at night
it's like 16 o'clock
and it's already dark
oh because it's winter
we just been to a church
and it's pretty spooky inside
the church was awesome
there was a dark room
dark room in the church lol
like totally dark
only the colorful glass are there
and you can sit there, just stay in the whole silence
also, after they rebuilt the church
they found some skeleton
some human skeletons
and they just put them into the coffin
and the coffin is transparent
so you can see everything there
that was kind of spooky
but I like it
ok we solved the problem
that is the castle
and now we are inside this whole area
oh, projection
and the tree
it's the clock with human face
hey there!
now we are in Wały Chrobrego
which is..
it's like a whole terraces
so you can see the view
of the river
also there is a museum
National Museum
this one
and also...some government buildings there
it looks like...palace
palace, castle
and the academy
you can't see it from here
the red one, just there
you can't see because this building covers it
but it's awesome
so this is the National Museum in Szczecin
looks awesome
and as you can see
this is like a huge complex
because here is the other building
this is not the museum exactly
as you can see
this whole place contains three buildings
there is the academy
and here you can see the whole view
of the seaside
it's not the seaside
you can see the whole view of the river
it's just awesome
and this retard here as well
so dumb
we started this morning searching for the milk bar (Polish cafeteria)
that was so stupid
it was stupid
because one of them wasn't open
we chose one
which got a very great grade
and then...it's not open
when we arrived there
so we just take a look at the other one
which is like... paszteciki (pies)
something like that
which is like a long pie with meat in it
they only serve it as a snack
we thought it's the bar for everything
but no
they only serve this one
so we were confused and just went away
and then we took the other one
which is like...
Turysta bar (Tourist bar)
and that one is great
actually all of them are great, I suppose
we finally fill in our bellies
and we are having a little walk right now
later we will probably go to
one of the biggest cemetery in Europe
National Museum
to sum up
these two days are wonderful
and tomorrow we are planning to go to a huge park
like a forest
there is a friend on youtube recommend us to go to Cafe 22
it's at the biggest tower in Szczecin
supposely we should see great view
so we will probably go there tomorrow
we will put another video as well
maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, evening
this is actually our first vlog
so we are still trying, we don't know what to say
but everything is gonna be better
so see you tomorrow
we love you
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MatSan: Szczecin Vlog Day1 & 2!

15067 Folder Collection
eating published on May 6, 2017
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