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  • Thank you for joining us here LTE-TV.

  • It's a great day to learn some English

  • and have fun together.

  • My name is Kady.

  • And we have great show for you to day

  • Our new topic is environment.

  • And the title of this lesson is

  • Save Energy and Stay Warm

  • Save Energy and Stay Warm

  • Nathan, can you think of any ways to save energy?

  • Well, one very good way is to turn off light when you are not using them.

  • So, when you leave a room, don't forget to turn off the light.

  • My name is Nathan everyone, we're so glad that you join us today.

  • And now it's time to start learning.

  • So find your magazine and turn to today's lesson.

  • You can read I'll read it with Nathan now.

  • Turn on the heater, Megan.

  • It's freezing in the studio this morning.

  • Everyone is uncomfortable right now.

  • But the building will warm up soon.

  • Megan is helping the TV station lower its heating bill.

  • She turns the heater down at night.

  • Then, she turns it up in the morning.

  • Now it's the end of December

  • Christmas is over, and all the holidays are almost over.

  • But it's still really cold outside.

  • It's still winter.

  • And it's still cold inside the LTE-TV station, too.

  • People are uncomfortable.

  • It's hard to be in the place that is cold all the time.

  • And when it's winter, it takes a long time for a place to become warm.

  • They have to wait for the building to get hot.

  • But, when it's cold outside. Your heating build can get really expensive.

  • It's the same in the summer, you should use too much air-conditioning.

  • That's true.

  • Well, everyone right now, it's time to learn all of our keywords for the day.

  • So, here is our Word Lady, Cristina.

  • Good morning ,Megan.

  • Wow. It's really cold in the office this morning.

  • I just turned on the heater.

  • The office will feel warmer soon.

  • Do you turn the heater off at night?

  • Yes

  • The cost of the heating in the winter is really high.

  • If I turn the heater off every night, we can save energy and money.

  • Well

  • There's nobody here at night anyway.

Thank you for joining us here LTE-TV.

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