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Hey! Hey!
What are you chewing on?
It feels so funny. Ready? Yeah!
In honour to Sausage Party I'm showing the people of New York how food has feelings.
Hey! What the f***?
Hey! You just grabbed my face?
That is really fun.
Are you eating my friends and family?
You're not my type, dude.
Are you eating my nephew?
Oh no! Don't do it! Put it down!
No. Way.
Spit him out!
What are your names?
Jonathan, Justin and Marcos.
Jonathan, Justin and Marcos... You sound like a terrible boy band.
I love your fried chicken, Sir. It's delicious.
What are you guys looking at?
Is there something more interesting than a talking cantaloupe over there?
Hey, hey!
Yeah that's right.
You reaching for shelf top.
What the fuck.
Yeah, what the fuck is right, buddy.
Ha, the bread is talking to me.
Did you get scared? Are you scared of a little piece of bread?
Grow a pair!
I want you to watch, I want you to watch.
-This is your mum! -Don't do it! Oh God!
That's your mother.
That's it, you're straight to ****
I actually love sausage, com'on have you tried a sausage before?
No I'm not a cannibal, have you eaten a hipster!?
How many have you chosen to eat?
It's a fake sausage though.
Well, you're talking to it, so, how fake am I then?
But I'm still going to eat, though.
Don't eat cantaloupe.
You got it, but can I still have grapes?
Eat all the grapes you want.
Stay away from my sausage, you skank!
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SAUSAGE PARTY - Grocery Store Prank

17171 Folder Collection
Mii Wei published on May 11, 2017    Mii Wei translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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