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  • Hey! Hey!

  • What are you chewing on?

  • It feels so funny. Ready? Yeah!

  • In honour to Sausage Party I'm showing the people of New York how food has feelings.

  • Hey! What the f***?

  • Hey! You just grabbed my face?

  • That is really fun.

  • Are you eating my friends and family?

  • You're not my type, dude.

  • Are you eating my nephew?

  • Yea.

  • Oh no! Don't do it! Put it down!

  • No. Way.

  • Spit him out!

  • What are your names?

  • Jonathan, Justin and Marcos.

  • Jonathan, Justin and Marcos... You sound like a terrible boy band.

  • I love your fried chicken, Sir. It's delicious.

  • What are you guys looking at?

  • Is there something more interesting than a talking cantaloupe over there?

  • Hey, hey!

  • Yeah that's right.

  • You reaching for shelf top.

  • What the fuck.

  • Yeah, what the fuck is right, buddy.

  • Ha, the bread is talking to me.

  • Hey.

  • Did you get scared? Are you scared of a little piece of bread?

  • Grow a pair!

  • I want you to watch, I want you to watch.

  • -This is your mum! -Don't do it! Oh God!

  • That's your mother.

  • That's it, you're straight to ****

  • I actually love sausage, com'on have you tried a sausage before?

  • No I'm not a cannibal, have you eaten a hipster!?

  • How many have you chosen to eat?

  • It's a fake sausage though.

  • Well, you're talking to it, so, how fake am I then?

  • But I'm still going to eat, though.

  • Don't eat cantaloupe.

  • You got it, but can I still have grapes?

  • Eat all the grapes you want.

  • Stay away from my sausage, you skank!

Hey! Hey!

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SAUSAGE PARTY - Grocery Store Prank

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    Mii Wei posted on 2017/05/02
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