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Hi there, Florin here, today i want to do something that many PC users might get shivers
while thinking about it.
I want to delid my CPU an i7 4790k and replace the shitty thermal paste that intel decided
to use.
Lately i`ve encountered some serious issues with the thermals on my CPU, i usually do
video rendering and i found myself not being able to finish my work since the CPU started
overheating, the quick "fix" solution was to disable the Turbo on my CPU from BIOS.
This brought my thermals below the 90�C range at about 70-80�C but this wasn`t good
I`ve paid for this CPU to have some certain specifications and suddenly i can`t use it.
At first i was like, ok the cooler is not mounted properly, so i`ve started to put it
in all kinds of positions but with any luck, and here i`m talking about a Corsair H80i
water coooler.
Ok, maybe after 3 years this thing might be failing on me so i`ve decided to buy a Cooler
Master Hyper 212x, same problem, the CPU keeps over heating, i also took into consideration
voltages but this path lead to nowhere.
So the last resort was to face my fears and delid my CPU.
Btw never had problems like this with my old AMD CPU an FX 8350 , this bad boy ran like
a beast at 4 GHz and i was gaming at 55�C on my old corsair H80i cooler, this Intel
CPU was like 74�C in games like Battlefield 4 on the same cooler, and imagine my frustration
when everybody on the internet was taunting how hot the AMD CPUs are and how cool are
the Intel ones.
Important notice.
Remember to touch some grounded wires before working on the CPU, static electricity is
a pain in the ass.
Let`s get to work, first thing we need to do is take out the CPU, obviously dooh.
Next be sure to have everything ready next to you, the thermal paste, a cloth, some napkins,
isopropilic alchool to clean the CPU, this is optional some silicone glue, this one optional
and is rated to support 150�C.
Now e have to position the CPU into the Vice, i got this yesterday specially for this project,
it was about 30 euros.Put the piece of cloth below the VICE this is to have something soft
below if any part of the cpu comes flying.
You have fix the CPU at an angle, one side touches the heat spreader the other side touches
the CPU PCB..
When turning the leaver you will encounter very little force but remember to do this
slowly, there is no point to hurry, soon the IHS will part ways with the die.
As you can see Intel did a marvelous job with the thermal paste that is now hardened to
a crust.
We have to clean the IHS from the old paste and the adhesive.
Next we have to clean the CPU, be gentle on this one, I found out that my nails are the
best tool to do this delicate operation.
Now i`m marking the position of the IHS on the CPU so i know where to put it when i finish.
Apply the thermal paste, i`m using arctic MX4, but some people recomend using Cool Laboratories
Liquid pro on the CPU DIE, i chose not to do this because that paste conducts electricity
and the CPU has some components next to the die inside there, for few degrees i don`t
want to risk it.
Now i put the silicone on the heat spreader, and aply it with care taking into consideration
my markings, be sure to clean the CPU on the contact side with alchool, there might be
some dirt around there.
When i was installing the CPU i had to push the IHS with mu thumb a bit because the silicone
didn`t had time to harden.
Clean everything again with alchool, put some paste mount the Cooler and let`s see if it
As you can see my cat is already curious if my pc will work after this.
As you can see the temperature in the BIOS already show lower values than what i had
before at the same room temperature, moving on to video rendering and the same pattern
can be found here, up to 10 degrees lower after the delid judging by the Max temp readings,
using an even better thermal paste would bring even better results but like i`ve said i didn`t
want to push my luck.
Moving to gaming you can also see decrease in temperature, all of this while using an
air cooler Cooler Master 212x on a silent profile.
Disclaimer, i`m not responsible for any damage you migh be doing to your CPU after watching
this video.
That`s it for now, cya next time.
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Fix my i7 4790k overheating issues by doing a delid [ vice method ]

359 Folder Collection
Jerry published on April 28, 2017
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