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  • Ads. We've all seen them and - if we're in a room alone many of us would probably even

  • admit to having clicked on one ... once ...

  • But most people haven't spent much time thinking about online ads,

  • so we'll break them down into two categories: search ads and display ads.

  • First, let's look at search ads.

  • Whenever people search for a specific topic, advertisers can pay for their ads to show

  • up alongside the search results. Advertisers are able to showcase their business at the

  • moment it's most relevant to what someone's looking for.

  • Search ads are typically as simple as a few lines of text, but can be more elaborate and

  • include things like images or links to product reviews.

  • Next, we have display ads.

  • Unlike search ads which are typically confined to search engine results pages, display ads

  • appear on all types of websites. Also called display banners, these ads come in a range

  • of shapes and sizes and vary in complexity.

  • Display ads can be simple images, contain video clips, or even be interactive - like

  • allowing you to play a game inside the ad.

  • Whether it's search or display, the ad needs to be clickable so people who are interested

  • can go to the advertiser's website.

  • This clickable prompt is called a call to action.

  • Whether it's to make you aware of a new car, splurge on a new pair of shoes, or to revisit

  • an advertiser's site to buy accessories for the new camera you bought, search and display

  • ads can help advertisers accomplish their goals.

Ads. We've all seen them and - if we're in a room alone many of us would probably even

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