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  • Hi everyone. I am Pietro Boselli. Dr. Pietro Boselli actually.

  • Today we're gonna talk about Fermat's Last Theorem.

  • He had a hobby. A passion for math.

  • So he would go back home and write his theorems and conjectures.

  • Fermat's notebook had lots of conjectures.

  • He would write down saying,

  • "Oh I know some proof of this, but I have no time to write it."

  • Over the centuries, mathematicians went through this book and found proof to all his conjectures,

  • apart from the last theorem.

  • The last theorem was very interesting.

  • Many people attempted the solution, and thought they found it, but then somebody proved them wrong.

  • Andrew Wiles discovered this theorem when he was 10 years old and became obsessed with it.

  • He worked in secret because so many people attempted and failed.

  • He found a solution and he presented to the public and he was acclaimed worldwide.

  • The Queen knighted him and it was a great success

  • until somebody actually found an error in his proof.

  • He was not gonna give up that easily and he worked for another year, full time,

  • and he found a solution.

  • And it goes like this:

  • If you have X to the n plus Y to the n equal Z to the n.

  • If n is a positive integer greater than 2,

  • this equation is never true.

  • It looks very simple, but the mathematics proving that something doesn't exist,

  • is always harder than proving that something exists.

  • This is a variety of application in cryptography.

  • Writing encryptions and codes and all of that, you know, secret stuff.

  • And it opened up a whole new world for mathematics, a whole new branch of mathematics.

Hi everyone. I am Pietro Boselli. Dr. Pietro Boselli actually.

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Handsome Math Professor Pietro Boselli Explains Fermat's Last Theorem | GQ

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