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- Great turn out for opening day.
Have fun, we'll see you around.
How ya doin'?
- Sup? Yeah
- Boom!
- Put 'er up there.
Thank you, looking sharp!
- Thank you, you're the head honcho
around here aren't you?
- Apparently so.
- That's the word on the street.
- Humbled to be doing this,
and excited at the same time.
This is, this is just a great place
to have an office.
My eighth season overall,
but first one in this roll.
- Congrats on the new position.
- Thanks.
- My name is John McLeod.
I'm the General Manager and President
at Mt. Bachelor.
I took over this position in March of this year.
Pretty close to the end of 2016, it's been
a kind of a crazy rollercoaster ride this year,
but it's been a very enjoyable and fulfilling one.
I've had a variety of other careers, I guess,
throughout my life, but through all of it
tried to ski a lot.
Different places where I've lived,
different resorts all around the world in fact,
and you only get to taste resorts doing that,
but here you get to live it and really
get to know a place deeply,
and the more you do, the more I do, the more
I get to know Mt. Bachelor, the more I love it.
My family and I moved from Atlanta in July of 2005,
but earlier that year we came to check
out the town of Bend, and it was socked in downtown.
It was in February, but it was an inversion.
But we drove up the road, and broke through
the cloud, and saw exactly what you see today...
Blue skies and 50 degrees in the middle of winter
and snow everywhere, and that definitely
got my blood going.
I looked at it and I knew I'd be coming back.
By the time the following winter came around,
I had started as the Financial Comptroller
in October and I think I did get to ski
the very first day we opened.
Tom Lomax dragged me out of the office
and said you're gonna be busy this year
and you might not get too many chances to ski
but you're gonna come ski today.
We went up Pine Mountain and across to Outback
and down Down Under.
I think he thought that was appropriate
given my Australian heritage,
so that was my first run.
It wasn't like it is today,
but it was awesome.
It put a smile on my face and then I
had to go back to my desk job.
This is a great business to be in.
I've worked in lots of different businesses
where you do a lot of the same thing.
You work with a lot of the same people
with the same skill-sets but this is
like a little village.
And it takes everybody and every different
personality under the sun to make it all happen,
and deliver this to our guests.
One of the things I love, I guess,
is the variety.
We have a great variety of terrain...
The front side, the back side, the east side,
the west side, we have groomed runs, we've got
tree skiing, we have deep fresh cold powder,
we have our special version of good strong
dance powder, and then we have every other
kind in between.
It's an incredible mountain, it's a big mountain
for a so-called local resort--sixth largest
in the country, and we have a big season.
The neat part about this is, after a lot of
the resorts have closed for the season,
around Easter time typically,
we're still open.
We've still probably got another month and a half
of great skiing, and one of the best days
of skiing I've ever had was May 7th
in my second year here at Mt. Bachelor.
We had 18" of cold powder.
So, why I love Mt. Bachelor...
The real reason is the people.
I've made so many good friends working here.
This is really a family.
Everyone, in some ways, goes to battle
every day, especially when the weather is challenging.
And when you go to battle with a bunch of people
day after day after day, you form friendships
and bonds and respect and it's just made
me realize that I want to do whatever I can
in my capacity to help the people who work
here succeed in what they do and in their lives,
and this is a lifestyle job for sure.
So, to have a great experience in everything
that they do is my personal mission,
to make sure that, if our employees are
having the experience that they want
and enjoying the mountain and finding fun
when they can and getting through the tough days
when they're just tough days, then the end result
will be our guests will have a great time,
and then this will be a thriving business,
and that's really my job, is to make those
things happen.
(lively music)
I left for a little while and regretted
the decision and I'm super thankful I had
the opportunity to come back and be part
of this story again, and be around
these people and do this thing every day, you know?
It's just awesome.
And I get to ski!
(lively music)
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Why I Love Mt Bachelor | John McLeod

139 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 27, 2017
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