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Hey there spy there!
This is your boy Mikey Bustos.
This video is an in depth tutorial of the Filipino accent.
The first thing to know is there are no "F" sounds.
Snow flake.
No "V" sounds.
Living la vida loca.
Golden retriever.
Blog and vlog sound the same.
The lack of "V" probably comes from the Spanish influence when the Spaniards invaded Philippines in the 1500s.
That is why many of us Filipinos have Spanish last names.
Like Bustos.
My full name is Michael John Yadan Tumangui Pestano Bustos.
Try saying that five times.
Also worth noting, there's no "TH".
It's either "D" sound,
like that, this, there, them, breathe.
Or "Di" sound,
like thick, teeth, beneath, thistle, breath.
Also, another thing to note, is that the Filipino language lacks the "he" "she" distinct pronouns.
It's only one in Filipino "siya".
That is why many Filipinos sometimes get "he" and "she" mixed up.
Little bit confused.
I like Ricky Martin.
Her music is very good.
Also, because Philippines is a third world, social class even determines the way you speak English.
The social likes to say words like
promise, forever, correct, true, Kadiri to death!
When I go to Philippines, I love watching TV and all the funny advertisements.
Kuya, germs!
Hindi ah!
Nako! Dandruff!
Use Head and Shoulders.
Kaya head and scalp - healthy!
70 pesos
People ask me why I am able to speak like this.
And I tell them, even though I was born in Canada, I used to speak like this when I was very small.
I learned English from my parents.
But in great form, I learned to speak with a proper accent so that I could fit in, and the kids wouldn't make fun of me.
But, I never lost it!
Anyway, there are 171 native languages in Philippines. Isn't that incredible?
171 different dialects.
Anyway, I am very proud to be Filipino. Also known as Pinoy.
Because we are a very loving people.
So the next time you cannot make out the accent of your Filipino neighbor, - cause you know we're everywhere -
just refer to this video tutorial.
See you later, heavy weighter!
and Pacquiao 4 life!
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Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos

20472 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on May 11, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Hsin reviewed
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