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  • I think Ron is such an accomplished sculptor

  • he can make exactly what he wants to make

  • and it's amazing to see him sculpting in the studio

  • because the forms just sort of come out of nowhere

  • the process of sculpting may take anything from

  • a few week to many months

  • It's not a sort of miracle for him to achieve that degree of detail

  • because he is very technically proficient

  • The scale is very crucial

  • this head wouldn't be the same thing at all if it was smaller than life size

  • if it was a few inches or if it was ten feet long

  • it would have quite a different effect

  • Each hair is a piece of nylon line

  • which is sanded and painted and curled by applied heat

  • and then a little hole is drilled and the hair is inserted

  • It's always very interesting to take a work out of its own environment

  • and put it somewhere alien

  • Looking at the Easter island statue, the greatest statue

  • and Ron Mueck

  • It's amazing, it's wonderful watching visitors

  • look from the Mueck to the Easter Island statue

  • engage with the absolute realism of the surface and the texture of the Mueck

  • and then the great schematic abstractions of the Easter Island

  • and realising they're actually about the same thing

  • Every generation wants to go

  • beyond the bounds of its own human limitations

  • and that actually there is only a limited number of ways of doing that

  • and that's about scale it's about materials it's about texture

  • but what you can do with that is limitless

I think Ron is such an accomplished sculptor

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