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  • Hi guys,

  • Welcome to a Japanese cuisine inspired edition of What I Ate Wednesday.

  • I had been craving Japanese food for a while but didn't want to go out and spend money.

  • But on this morning I thought, why wait? Let's start with miso soup.

  • It's so easy and you've seen me make this before.

  • I also made some rice the night before so I had some of that to fill out this breakfast.

  • The topping was inspired by Furikake but uses nutritional yeast for the savory flavour so

  • there is no need for the MSG crystals commonly found in commercial blends and of course,

  • no fish.

  • I had this outside as even though this doesn't look like the most beautiful day, the grey

  • skies and barely there rain reminds me of home, or my past home rather, in Vancouver

  • BC.

  • During the day, I snacked on cut apples. When they are cut up small like this, I feel like

  • I'm having candy. Like nature's skittles.

  • For lunch, I made some sushi. But before I show you what kind I made, let me show you

  • some sushi that you guys sent in!

  • Beachamberlain and Soddingsociety on Instagram both made tomato maki. Tomato is not a very

  • common maki ingredient but it's seriously good. Especially with fresh heirloom tomatoes.

  • Sushi can be easy to make and you can really put anything that you like in there. Soddingsociety

  • also recently posted this spread of avocado maki and seitan nigiri. How awesome does that

  • seitan look?

  • hristinasimone even put baked spicy peanut tofu into sushi! I haven't tried that combination

  • before and now I really want to. I bet it was delicious.

  • For myself, I'm using up leftovers.

  • First, one avocado and cucumber roll.

  • Next, a more unusual roll.

  • I've got some leftover beans dressed up with homemade teriyaki sauce. There's sweet sauteed

  • onion and carrots in there too. Whenever I have beans or other iron rich foods, I make

  • sure to have other foods with plenty of vitamin C too to help with iron absorbtion.

  • It's just for myself so I'm just doing quick rolls with the rice on the inside. If you

  • want to learn the rice on the outside or uramaki method, check out my vegan california roll

  • video.

  • For dinner, I started with making some negi-tofu filling which is my take on negitoro which

  • used to be my first or second favourite type of maki.

  • For this, I have chopped firm tofu but soft or medium tofu would also be good.

  • Then toss with a few tablespoons of double strength vegetable broth and chopped green

  • onion, just the dark green parts.

  • I'm adding a few drops of roasted sesame oil to give a fatty flavour and the pleasant aroma

  • of roasted sesame. Toro is a fatty cut of fish so this helps to create the mouthfeel

  • of the original sushi roll while we leave our fishy friends in the ocean.

  • And I covered the bowl and let it rest for a few minutes so the flavours could mingle

  • and do their thing.

  • It was then that I remembered I had some cabbage in the fridge that was begining to turn color.

  • Gross. So I cut away the dark bits and the rest was good.

  • I didn't really know what to do with it as I had no plan so I went to my default and

  • started with sauteing some ginger and garlic.

  • After a few seconds over high heat, I added sliced onions.

  • Then, the sliced cabbage and a pinch of sea salt.

  • It only takes a few minutes to cook. We just want the onions to turn sweet and the cabbage

  • to be cooked through but not overcooked. Because that's gross. At least in a dish like this.

  • So since I had this hot food, I decided to go for a decontructed sushi plate. Sort of.

  • I've got some warm sushi rice, the chilled negi-tofu, and the hot savory onions and cabbage.

  • This was so good, guys. Simple, nutritious, satisfying and just plain tasty.

  • So that was my food day, how was yours? What kind of Japanese inspired vegan eats do you

  • guys like? I'd love to hear your ideas too.

  • As always thanks so much for watching this video and thanks especially to those who take

  • the time to like and leave a thoughtful comment. As you might guess, these videos do require

  • a lot of work and recipe testing does also tests my grocery budget. I am making it work

  • but I have to admit, it's not easy. If you want to help out, please consider becoming

  • a patron on patreon. No pressure, just if you want to help that's where you can. If

  • you want.

  • Thanks again, guys and I'll see ya again for Friday's easy vegan recipe video.

  • Bye for now.

Hi guys,

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What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #28 // Japanese-inspired Vegan Recipes

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