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Hey everyone, Shakarez here back with another match analysis.
Today I want to briefly look at the final game of the series between the ROX Tigers
and the bbq Olivers, week 5 of the LCK.
Today we will be looking at jungle tracking and how ROX got a lead, snowballed off of
it and closed out the game in 23 minutes.
Let's start with the draft.
ROX start their first draft phase picking their jungler and what likely is both bot
lane champions.
Heavy emphasis on pick potential with Malzahar's Nether Grasp, Elise Cocoon and Ashe's Enchanted
Crystallized Arrow.
Bbq also drafted bot lane and jungle, MF as the Malzahar counter and top tier picks in
Jhin and Kha'zix.
Moving into the second draft phase, ROX pinched the mid lane pool while BBQ banned Cassiopeia
and Thresh, possibly expecting a malzahar flex, which would be weird given Mickey's
pool but that's another story.
Bbq showed reluctance to blind pick top lane, going for the taliyah instead.
This opened up the option for Mickey to pick knowing the matchup and he busted out a personal
best of his with Zed, alongside Shen for Shy.
With Shen and Zed, ROX have a solid 1-3-1 composition and Zed can play aggressively
whenever Stand United is available.
In order for a 1-3-1 to function correctly however, the composition absolutely needs
to be ahead.
ROX need to create leads through picks so they can effectively set up the 1-3-1.
Let's move onto the game.
Pretty standard level 1 for the most part, both teams set up a line of scrimmage to scout
for any offensive movements like invades.
The idea by setting up like this is basically to be aware of any possible ward placements
if any team moves forward.
Now at 1:08, Sangyoon places this ward here and moves up with Key. bbq spots this ward
placement but it does not matter.
The idea here is that this ward can spot two things:
It can spot bbq if they move in aggressively to the tribush
It can spot bbq's bot lane if they move up the river
By 1:20 it becomes pretty obvious that Bless is starting on the top side of the map as
MF is in full vision of the Tigers in the bottom side.
ROX's bot lane then initiate a blue buff invade.
Notice how Mickey postures aggressively in lane to spot Taliyah as soon as possible,
once he does, Key and Sangyoon move towards the blue buff.
Given that they have Malzahar this becomes a very easy steal with his voidlings.
The one thing I would like to point out is that, in my opinion, Malzahar would have used
blue more efficiently as he can take over the lane by spamming voidlings and Malefic
But how does ROX know they can invade?
Well, as I mentioned before, it's obvious MF isn't leashing for the jungler, else she
wouldn't be in lane.
Aside from this, Bless did the exact start in game one, also on Kha'zix, so it's very
likely that ROX's staff noticed this and looked to exploit it, especially given how popular
starting on raptors is for some junglers.
The ward we talked about in bot lane also helps ROX know if bbq are aware of the invade
or not.
If bbq's botlane starts moving up, they can cancel the invade and go to lane.
Now it's important to look at both junglers routes.
Seonghwan on Elise does Blue, Gromp Wolves, crosses to the other side and quickly moves
in for the bottom side Scuttle.
He knows he's being spotted as Mickey pinged Tempt's ward.
He then assumes, correctly, that Bless was just at gromp.
On the other side, Bless did Raptors, Wolves and Gromp.
Without blue buff he can't keep up without going back, but he does correctly call Elise's
next two camps with pings.
It's important to note that you can track an enemy jungler by looking at his CS and
figuring out what camps were down.
Elise has 6 CS and was just seen at Scuttle so bbq know Elise fully cleared the top side
Seonghwan clears both camps and rapidly moves into the top side scuttle.
Once again he is spotted but given Elise's fast clears there's not much Bless can go.
By showing himself to Seonghwan, Bless gives away the fact that he has done Red, and by
showing his CS, tells ROX where he's going next as he moves to krugs, the only camp he
hasn't cleared.
With his starting camp being figured out, it becomes relatively easy to figure out what
Kha'zix is going to do next.
Rumble is punishing Shen in the top lane and Taliyah is pushing in Zed so the only real
alternative for Bless here is to do Raptors again, move into the bottom side of the jungle
and either clear or look for a gank in the bottom lane, where ROX's bot lane is pushing.
Let's see how ROX set up this invade.
Sangyoon and Key start pushing in bot lane to gain advantage on a rotation and while
Seonghwan moves in, Sangyoon spots Bless with a Hawkshot.
Elise is never spotted, moves in grabs the kill and the big wolf.
Key then helps Seonghwan punish Bless further and take the enemy gromp.
With Mickey hitting level 6 and with a fresh red buff, ROX force a dive in the mid lane.
No kills result out of this trade, but Tempt is forced to use both summoners while ROX
use Stand United.
Let's take a look at the map.
Before Invading, Seonghwan rushed a tracker's knife.
When he moved in to invade the bottom side jungle, he dropped two wards to spot out Bless,
one next to the jungle entrance and another on blue buff.
As he moved to the top side jungle he also dropped a ward in the raptors brush.
From this moment until 7:30.
ROX ALWAYS have information on Bless' whereabouts, seriously limiting what he can do.
It doesn't help that at 7:10, Crazy plays over aggressively and tries to steal blue
buff without presence of his Jungler or Mid Laner.
ROX know this because they spotted the blue handoff and quickly collapse on Rumble, grabbing
another kill.
With Rumble's flash down, Seonghwan moves to top lane once again to punish the summoner
cooldown and kills Rumble again.
The game starts snowballing out of control and there's little Bless can do, so he becomes predictable
After fully clearing the jungle, he looks to move into ROX's top side jungle as Elise
is spotted on the other side of the map.
A ward placed earlier by Shy spots this move and once again Bless is punished.
With good vision control from Seonghwan and Mickey in the bottom side River
Key is allowed to roam to mid lane unseen and grab a kill on Tempt.
From here on out, the game snowballs completely out of control.
With the man advantage ROX force Ghost and Totoro out of lane and grab first brick gold.
With this massive advantage, ROX start setting
up a crushing 1-3-1 and demolish bbq in 23 minutes.
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Tracking and Punishing Jungle Routes - LCK ROX vs bbq Analysis

574 Folder Collection
roro published on April 22, 2017
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