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For the explosion and popularity of the raw foods diet, you may be wondering should I
cook my vegetables or should I eat them all raw? Well, it depends. Cooking does destroy
a few vitamins in your fruits and vegetables; mainly it destroys vitamin C. So when you're
consuming your fruits and vegetables you're wanna have a mix of raw and cooked because
there is also other attributes to fruits that are enhanced and made more available to us
by cooking. For instance like ethylene, that gorgeous red chemical that makes tomatoes
so beautiful, is best accessed when our tomatoes are cooked so like ethylene are very powerful
cancer food but you can't get the true benefits out of the tomatoes unless they are cooked
and broken down sightly. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are not quite as fresh and
they're not quite as vibrant as fresh fruits and veggies. Now we haven't destroyed all
the vitamins because they've dehydrated, not cooked above 118 degrees. But they might be
on a shelf longer, they've been sitting in a dehydrator for a couple of days, you're
truly gonna get more benefit out of the fresh, uncooked, un-dehydrated fruits and veggies.
So here's my recommendation -- eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, eat a variety of
raw and cooked fruits and vegetables and make sure that they're the best quality you can
get. It does matter if they're organic, if they're fresh, if they're local. So you can
include some frozen fruits and vegetables but make sure they're mostly fresh.
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Does Cooking Vegetables Kill Vitamins? | Healthy Food

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bill published on April 22, 2017
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