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hello and welcome to number thirteen of
25 bite-sized lessons which I'm making
especially for you because it's
so today we're looking at the word rise
now do you know the difference between
the word rise and raise quite simply
they both mean to lift up, but to rise
is to lift up by yourself without help
and raise is to be lifted up by
something else so I might raise up a
ship that's sunk to the bottom of the
ocean because the ship can't come up by
itself so it can't rise up
it has to be raised up. As we've already said
rise means to lift up so i might rise
if I'm getting higher and higher
this also covers things like numbers so
a number can rise the number of people
living in a country can rise
this means that when your wages increase
you get 'a rise'. When we get up in the
morning we rise out of bed. When the Sun
comes up in the morning you have a sunrise.
So let's look at some common
phrases that use the word rise
well one that I used to hear every morning
was rise and shine
this is a positive phrase used when you
wake someone up
rise and shine, rise and be happy
You might hear about the rise and
fall of something
historians might talk about the rise and
fall of a dictator or a rise and fall of
a certain period in time. If we say that
something is on the rise then it means
it's increasing so you could say that
random acts of kindness are on the rise
if you hear someone talking about an
this is like a revolt a movement against
something like the establishment it
would be an uprising, you might be
expected to rise to the occasion, that
means that you meet the expectations of
an occasion.
For example if you've been asked
to sing in a show and you're normally a
very nervous singer, if you rise to the
occasion it means that you gain courage,
you stand up and you sing your best so
you rose to the occasion. If you're
watching a zombie movie then you'll
notice that people rise from the dead
this is where a corpse literally comes
up out of his grave and becomes a zombie
sometimes you might be warned not to
rise to it. Don't rise to it
this means do not allow the situation to
make you emotional
so if someone said something to wind you
up to make you angry or annoy you
you will be rising to it if you get
angry and irritated but if you don't
rise to it you simply ignore them
Finally we might use the phrase give
rise to, this means that something will
set off something else
so if i fail to wash the dishes in my
shared house it might give rise to
unrest amongst the other housemates so
my actions gave rise to upset and unrest. So
there we have it, a very quick lesson on
the word rise
I hope you found that helpful don't
forget there are 25 lessons in this
series so if you haven't seen the other
lessons then why not check them out there
is a playlist called bite-sized lessons
I do hope that you have subscribed by
pressing the big red subscribe button
and I will see you tomorrow take care
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British Bitesize Lesson #13: RISE

224 Folder Collection
wendy published on April 21, 2017
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