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Please be seated.
In the name of the father, the sun and the holy spirit
we've come together today to witness the marriage of Daniel and Kate,
to pray for God's blessing on them, to share their joy
and to celebrate their love.
Marraige is a way of life made holy by God and blessed by the presence of our lord Jesus Christ
Celebrating with those at a wedding at Cana, in Galilee.
Where it is a sign of unity,
royal to behold and honour.
No one should enter into it lightly,
or selfishly, but reverently and responsibly.
It enriches society
and strengthens community, bless them in joy and in sorrow,
in life and in death.
Finally, bring them to that banquet where your saints feast forever, in your heavenly home.
Daniel and Kate are now to enter this way of life, they will each give their consent to the other
and make solemn vows, and in token of this they will each give and receive a ring.
We pray with them, in the spirit of a guide and strengthen them,
that they may fulfill God's purposes for the whole of their earthly lives to go.
First I am required to ask anyone present who knows a reason why these persons may
not lawfully marry to declare it now
Right, moving on...
Marriage is a gift of God in creation through which husband and wife
may know the grace... (sneeze) ...of it is given as the foundation of family life in which children are nurtured
And in which each... (shhh!) ...member of the the family in good times and bad
may find strength, companionship, and comfort (more coughing)
and grow to maturity in love. They bear love for each other be a seal upon their hearts
and a crown upon their heads... (alarm clock rings)
The gift of marriage brings husband and wife together,
in the delight and the tenderness of sexual union
And constant commitment to the end of their lives.
Daniel and Kate, I now invite you to join hands and make your vows.
Repeat after me: I Daniel, take you Kate,
"I, Dan-" (Interrupting) " I Daniel take you Kate"
I Daniel take you Kate,
to be my wife: "to be my wife"
To have and to hold: ....."to have and to hold"
from this day forward: "from this day forward"
for better: "for better" or worse: "worse"
for richer: "for richer" or poorer: "or poorer"
in sickness: ...."in sickness" and in health: "and in health"
to love: "to love" and to cherish: "and to cherish"
until death do us part: "until death do us part"
I Kate take you Daniel: "I Kate take you Daniel"
for richer: "for richer" for poorer: "for poorer"
in sickness: "in sickness" and in health: "and in health"
to love: "to love" and to cherish: "and to cherish"
til death do us part: "til death do us part"
Daniel and Kate have made their marriage vow
I therefore proclaim them husband and wife
You may now kiss the bride
Let us pray.
God the father, God the son, God the holy spirit, bless preserve and keep us...
With God almighty, may he be with you always... Amen.
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Mr Bean's Wedding | Comic Relief

582 Folder Collection
nick brian published on April 21, 2017
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