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(upbeat music)
- Man, there were so many incredible
super diverse movies last year.
- Hm - Diverse movies?
- Yeah, like Moonlight, or Lion, Hidden Figures and Fences.
Movies that didn't like just feature white people.
- Yeah
- So interesting, I never really thought about that.
- Really?
Even after the whole Oscar so white thing
and all the articles written about it?
- Call me crazy, but I just don't see race.
I guess I'm just the least racist person here.
- Okay
- Race is like often like a pretty obvious thing to observe.
It's not like racist to notice.
- Ha, I had to laugh!
Zach, oh my goodness, I only see one race.
- Ugh
- The human race.
- Such bullshit.
You're only telling yourself that
so you don't have to think about racism
or confront your own prejudices.
- No, I'm not prejudice!
Okay, I don't even judge Scrap for being a woman!
- I'm a man, Katie, you know that.
- No, honestly, I just guessed.
This is gonna sound nuts, but I don't see gender
and I don't see sex, I just see people.
- You don't see how men and women look different?
- No, I just see like shapeless blobs walking around.
- Okay, and if one of those shapeless blobs were pregnant,
you would then know that it was a woman.
- To me it could just be like a heavy set man.
- Mmm
- Who has like a big watermelon stomach
- Mmm
- Okay, I just am so committed to equality.
I'm just a good person.
- Unless you're blind you can tell
that people have inherent differences.
- Oh, I wouldn't know if I was blind or not
because I don't see disabilities.
I'm not a monster.
- So, if someone were in a wheelchair, you wouldn't
be able to see the wheelchair?
- I have never seen a wheelchair.
- You've never seen a wheelchair?
- I don't know what a wheelchair looks like.
- If you, if someone were in a wheelchair,
you would not install a ramp in your building?
- I would refuse.
- What if someone was missing a limb?
- It's perhaps tucked under their little butt.
- If someone were deaf.
- Talk to them as if they could hear.
- [Scrap] Why are you so proud of yourself?
- Okay, well, here's a thought, maybe you don't get it
because you have less experience on earth than I do.
- Experience? We're all older than you.
- I'm sorry, but I don't see age.
- Oh, come on!
You're telling me if there was an old woman
and a baby you wouldn't be able to tell which one's older?
- One of 'em's called an old woman.
It's in the name, Katie!
- No, because I believe in equality
and I believe everyone is the same age.
- That's not what equality means!
- You have two older brothers.
Can you at least acknowledge that?
- Yes, and I believe both women are my same age.
- Oh my god, what about your parents?
How old were they when they had you?
- I think they are both ageless
and every age at the same time.
- Jesus Christ, Katie, what else can't you see?
- Pretty much everything. Baldness, for example.
- So Bruce Willis!
- Is he bald?!
- He's famously bald!
- I had no idea.
- Katie, why are you doing this?
(mellow music)
- Ugh (hands hitting table)
- Guys! Come on, okay!
I just want to be able to do and say whatever I want,
whenever I want, and I don't want
to have to think about the world's problems!
- That actually sounds pretty good.
I mean, I guess I can understand that.
- Good way to live.
(camera shutter)
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I Don’t See Race

390 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on April 18, 2017
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