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When I got these commercial and advertisement assignments,
I was two years into my modeling career.
I was already getting assignments with big companies.
I always thought my modeling work would go smoothly from there.
On the day of the photoshoot, I had a rough idea of what it was about.
But I was told the photo would only be used in print media and for one company.
I didn't know that it would be used so widely on the internet,
and that there would be so many made-up stories about it.
The caption on the original ad said,
"The only thing you'll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids."
The children in the photo were photoshopped, they don't look like that in real life.
Later, people made up a story about the woman in the picture and spread it on the internet.
They said her husband figured out she had lied to him about not having had plastic surgery done after the kids were born,
because they didn't look anything like her.
Then he sued her and won.
When a friend told me about this,
I thought it was just rumors.
Then I realized the whole world was spreading the story and in different languages.
People actually believed it and thought this had happened to me.
Even my relatives and fiancé's family have asked me about it.
This has totally affected my work.
People refused to believe that I have never had plastic surgery.
After this, I only got small roles in advertisements.
Because of what has happened, I haven't been able to sleep well
and I've broken down many times crying.
I keep thinking, "why is this happening to me?"
I decided to speak out because I wanted to give myself some courage to deal with this problem.
I can't bare to look at the picture,
I hope it will not appear anymore.
The children may not use social media now
but it will hurt them when they grow up.
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'Internet meme ruined my career' BBC News

59338 Folder Collection
Sabrina Hsu published on April 20, 2017    Sabrina Hsu translated    missnerdypants reviewed
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