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- First we feel. - Then we squeal.
Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
- Good Mythical Morning! - Ladies and gentlemen, Mythical...
...Beasts, please welcome to the show, coming all the way from Nerdfighteria...
- ...the Hank half of the vlogbrothers... - Woo!
- ...it's Hank Green! - Thank you guys for having me!
- Yes. - I didn't know we were gonna...
...be yelling so much in the beginning!
- Woo! - Yeah, we yell a lot! Hey!
- Welcome to the show, man! - Woo!
And look! We're giving, like, double Nerdfighteria... uh, things.
- This is dangerous. - Oh, you know what? You have hands.
I do. I do. I was born with them. They're the ones I had. I've had them...
- ...the whole time. - That is very convenient today...
...because you're gonna be using these hands to feel some things, all things...
...from the natural world. You know a thing or two about the natural world.
I do. I know about feeling, and I know... I've met the earth.
- (laughing) - He have met. We have a relationship.
- You've touched. - I've touched the earth.
- Yeah. - All right. Let's touch some other...
- ...things. It's time to play... - (Rhett & Link) Feel & Squeal!
- (Hank) Nature edition. - (animal noises)
- Okay, how this is gonna work is... - We're gonna all sniff the box.
- That's how this works. - That's step one.
- It's called "Sniff the Box." - Step two is you guys are gonna...
...put something that I cannot see into this box, and I am going to then
feel it, and then I'm going to squeal the answer as to what I think it is.
If I get it without any hints -- Hey, Link. Hey, Hank. I get
two points. If I require a hint -- there's a hint card right here
that I cannot read that you will turn over and give me the hint --
I get one point. And if I don't get it with a hint, I get no points.
- You lose! And then we rotate. - And then we rotate. Hey!
Let's do this!
(Rhett & Link) Round one.
Okay, Rhett. You can turn around. And, uh...
- (Rhett) Eh, whoa-oh. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
- It feels meaty. Oh, whoa. What is -- - What'd you put your finger in...
- ...just now. - (Rhett) Oh, that feels like a lip.
I don't wanna give you any hints, but I do think you need to explore it thoroughly
in order to be able to identify what it is.
I think a more thorough exploration would be advantageous.
- Well, there's a knob. Oh! - (Hank) Get deeper. Just go...
...deeper, I think in there. You'll find something worth finding.
- Oh. Oh, gosh. It has an opening. - (Link, Hank, and crew offscreen laughing)
- Can I just rip it? - Ah, no!
That got an eviceral reaction when I said, "Can I rip it?"
Well, I'm just worried about the splash zone.
- Hold on. I can smell it, too. - (laughing)
It's definitely from an animal. Or a human.
- That's a big human. - I know that it is from an animal.
What is it? It feels like just a big hunk of meat.
- Right, so... - From a bird. It feels like bird flesh.
- You're on the right track. - Can you tell the flesh by feel...
- ...like what kind of animal? - Yeah. I touch lots of birds.
- (everyone onscreen laughing) - (everyone talking over each other)
- Have you formulated a guess? - I wanna get the hint so I at least...
- ...have a chance of getting a point. - It wants what it wants, and it wants...
- ...grass. That's your hint. - Turkeys don't eat grass.
That's a good hint. That's a two-parter Hint. I'll tell you right now.
Well, I wouldn't have told him that, because I'm all about winning.
- (Link and crew offscreen laughing) - It's a frickin' cow heart.
- Hey! - (everyone onscreen laughing)
The heart wants what the heart wants, and a cow eats grass.
- (Link) That's right. - Aw, you jerks.
- ♪ (rock music) ♪ - (Rhett & Link) Round two!
Oh! Okay. I have a... All right, you can turn around.
- Yeah. Go for it, Link. - Okay.
- I'm pretty sure I know what that is. - (Rhett) I do.
Is it alive, because if it is, I ain't puttin' my hands in there.
- No, it's not alive. - (Link) Okay.
- (Hank) Just go on down. Down, down. - (Rhett) Yep, you're very close.
- (laughing) It's kinda nerve-wracking! - (crew offscreen laughing)
- Can you smell it yet? - (Rhett) Okay, that's the plate part...
- ...and then there's -- yeah. - (Link) Ooh, it's cold. It's mushy.
- (Link) Ooh, there's pieces. - (Hank) Uh-huh.
- There'a whole bunch of pieces. - Go pick 'em on up.
- It's juicy. - (wet, squeezing noise)
- (Rhett, Hank, and crew moan) - (Rhett) Oh, come on. Why?
- Nobody liked that! - Why do you have to do that?
- That tells you nothing! - (Link) All right.
- (wet splat) - (crew offscreen laughing)
Now that splat is really -- that's a tell-tale sign, there.
- Of what? - It's very splatish.
- It feels like flesh chunks. Gosh! - You're on the right track, Link.
- Ooh, what is that? It's a suction cup. - (Hank and crew offscreen laughing)
- (Link) Look at that. - Now it feels like you've gotta...
- ...make a choice. - It has suction, so it's either...
...an octopus, or a... I don't know what my other suction choice is.
You're not aware of another suction-bearing ocean animal?
You should stop and think about it just for a second.
Really? You're blanking on the other suctiony ocean animal.
I really am. - Sometimes they're giant.
Oh, you're giving me a hint that's not this hint?
- Well, yeah. - All right well if it's not the octopus...
...give me the hint. But that's probably not gonna help me.
- What other animal has the suction, man? - Calamari?
- Right, yes! What is that made out of? - Calamari!
- (everyone on and offscreen laughing) - Oh gosh, you don't know what calamari is?
- I though calamari was its own animal. - (Rhett laughing) Oh, gosh!
- (Rhett, Hank, crew offscreen laughing) - Uh...
- Squid! - (Rhett and Hank laughing)
- You got there. - Is it a squid?!
- No. (incorrect buzzer) - (crew offscreen laughing)
What? It's not a squid? It's an octopus.
- It's an octopus. - Dang it!
- (everyone on and offscreen laughing) - We went calamari on it!
- ♪ (rock music) ♪ - (Rhett & Link) Round three.
- All right. - Turn around.
- Turn around and feel. - You guys look confused.
- (Rhett laughing) - (Link) Oh, be careful. I would go...
- ...in from the back. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
- Like this? - Yeah.
- Palms up. Palms up. - Is it alive?
I think you wanna present the back on your hand to it first.
(Hank) Are you sure it's not just some piece of fruit?
- Are you a fruit feeler? - (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
It's so interesting to watch someone touch something that they can't see.
Which you can see. I never thought I would experience this.
It feels like it's been cut. Like it was skinned or peeled.
- (Link) You're on the right track. - Oh man, I wanna take my hands...
- ...out so bad and smell my fingers. - (Rhett and Link laughing)
- Don't do that. - (Link laughing) Ooh, no!
- (Link) Go all the way. - Am I gonna hurt you or anyone...
...if I push my fingers real deep into this.
- (laughing) - Just do it. Do whatever feels right.
- (Hank) I mean, it just feels like a peach. - (Link) But does it?
- Have you ever done that to a peach? - Get in there.
It's some kind of pitted fruit. There's a pit! Well, there are so...
...many different pitted fruits that I'm gonna have you give me a hint.
- (Rhett) Okay. - (Link) Your hint is "skinless paradise."
- Whoa. - Never heard those two words together.
(Hank and crew offscreen laughing)
- That sounds like a vacation. - Oh, is it a mango?
- Yes. - Final answer?
- (everyone onscreen laughing) - You got it!
- He got it. - So one point for Hank.
- ♪ (rock music) ♪ - (Rhett & Link) Round four.
- All right, Rhett. We're gonna... - Okay, Rhett.
- ...request that you be gentle. - Turn around, brother.
- Be gentle? - Be gentle.
- Yeah, come on. - Whoosh!
- (Hank) Nope, gentler. Be gentle. - (Rhett laughing)
Not funny, gentle. Actual gentle.
- (Rhett) Nothing. - (Hank) No, nothing?
- You haven't felt anything yet? (laughing) - (crew offscreen laughing)
- (Hank) What was that? - Is it hanging?
- (Hank and crew offscreen laughing) - Yeah. Give a nice, sweeping motion.
Is is a freaking animal? Is it a freaking ANIMAL?!
- Give, like, a gathering... - Is it alive?!
(stomps) It's alive, isn't it?! Grrrrr!
- Just be real nice. - It's hard to tell, actually.
- You idiots. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
- (Link cackling) - There's a freakin' plate on the front.
- Just give it a nice, gathering motion. - No!
- What are you afraid of? - Lots of things.
- Is it a freaking tarantula? - (Hank) No!
- (Link cackling insanely) - No, no, no.
- It felt really small. - Well, that's because you only felt one.
(Hank and crew offscreen laughing)
- Don't poke. - No, be nice.
- If I kill it, are people gonna be mad? - (Link and Hank) Yeah.
- (Link) Rhett, Rhett. Listen to me. - Ow!
- (crew offscreen laughing) - Wait, what happened?
- Did he get sniffed? - Did you get bit, man?
(Link) Come on. Get your hands in there, McLaughlin!
(Hank) Did you even... you just got sniffed!
- Sniffed? - You gotta be real careful. These are...
- ...nice, gentle creatures. - (Rhett) Creatures?
- Well, you knew that they were alive! - Give a nice, gathering motion again.
- That was working. - (crew offscreen laughing)
- Lower. They can't fly. Go for it, Rhett. - (Rhett moaning) Oh, don't bite me!
Don't bite me! Don't bite me! (stammering)
- Now, pick that up. - Do they want me to pick 'em?
- Yes. - Yeah, they won't mind.
- We put 'em in there somehow, right? - They want me. They want me to...
- ...touch them. - Bring 'em together. Bring 'em together.
- Bring your palms together. - I'm trying.
(Link) Faster, faster. There you go. Now you've got one.
- Booboobooboo! - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
All right. That's a good technique, man. "Boobooboooboo!"
You would've done real well. What do you think it is?
- You touched it a little bit. - (Link) Do that again.
- I wanna get it without a hint! - (Link) Put you palms together.
- (Link) There you go. - (Rhett groaning)
Pick it up. You don't have to be that gentle. He left.
All right, he's back in there now. Now close.
- (Rhett) It's a mouse. It's a mouse. - (Link) Come on!
- It's a mouse. - (Hank) Yeah, that's your guess.
Now come see if you were right. Look at the cuties!
- (Rhett) Yes! (correct ding) - Now will you grab one?
(Rhett) Hold on. Look how many turds they made!
- (crew offscreen laughing) - (Link) Yeah, you were grabbing those...
- ...turds too, man. - No problem grabbing the turds.
- ♪ (rock music) ♪ - (Rhett & Link) Round five!
- Okay, Link! Turn around. - We're ready.
Feel like you've never felt before. (laughing)
I, uh... Just go on in. You don't have time for this. You gotta...
...get in there, man. You're not gonna figure out what it is.
- (Link) Ooh, it's hairy! - (Hank) Is it?
Yeah, there's like straw coming out of it back here.
- (Rhett) Yeah. - (Link) Oh, what is this?
You have to break through the surface. You're gonna learn anything.
Yeah, you gotta get in there and figure out what that is.
(Link) All right, so here's a big piece of something.
- (Hank) Yep. Uh-huh. - It's like soil.
- (Link) Lemme break it up a little bit. - (crew offscreen laughing)
Why don't you squeeze it like you did the octopus. See what kind of...
...juices come out.
(crew offscreen laughing)
- No juice. - (laughing)
- Pretty dry. But very crump... - Yeah!
- This is... this is, uh, turds. - (everyone except for Link laughing)
(mocking Link) "Uh, This is, um, this is, uh, turds."
- You only got halfway there. - Be more specific, brother.
I have to guess the type of animal that excreted this?
- It's poop! - We'll give you one point for poop, okay?
(Link) I mean, this is big. This is a big animal. Is this one session?
I would say that that is a portion of one session.
- I think this is elephant dung. - That would be remarkable...
...if you think your team is capable of acquiring elephant dung.
- (everyone on and offscreen laughing) - Yeah, what kind of big crap can...
...you guys get? I'm guessing horse crap.
- Correct. (correct ding) - You're right, Link.
You guys are so nasty!
- ♪ (rock music) ♪ - (Rhett & Link) Round six.
- Okay, Hank. - All right, well, I wanna first of all...
...thank you for giving me really less gross ones than you've given yourselves.
- (laughing) Uh-huh. - So far.
I'm gonna check. Nope, no plexiglass. So nothing's moving around.
- (laughing) - (Hank) We have... it's a bowl.
- (Link) Yeah, what's that? - Oh, is it just, like, partially...
...firmed-up Jell-o? Oh, or is it just -- ugh! Oh!
- Oh, what? - (Hank) What is... Wait, what is...
- ...happening? - (Rhett laughing)
Oh! I think I know what this is. It's some kind of non-newtonian fluid.
- Non-newtonian fluid. - (Hank) Yeah.
- What do you mean by that? - I mean it does not behave in the...
- ...ways predicted by Isaac Newton. - Okay. Of course.
So as you apply more pressure, it gets harder.
-Viscosity changes. - Yeah, viscosity changes.
Is this -- I think that it's sometimes referred to as oobleck, and it is...
- ...cornstarch in water. - Oh!
- Ye-ye-yes! (correct ding) - Hank! Too smart for our game.
- I knew you were gonna get that one. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
- (Link) I'm gonna pull it up here. - Is that a liquid or gel?
You'd be like, "I don't know. Ask Isaac Newton."
- (Rhett laughing) - You can't even get all this stuff up.
- (thump as the obelisk comes free) - And then it turns...
- (Link) It turns into nothing. - Yeah.
- Non-newtonian. - Okay, well let's move on...
- ...to the lightning round. - ♪ (rock music) ♪
Okay, here's how this is gonna work. Items are gonna come in here.
We're gonna turn around and bring our hands up so we don't see 'em
or feel 'em. And then there'll be a "Go." We'll have a chance to feel
them and then squeal the answer. First person to get the correct answer --
as many guesses as you want -- wins that round. Two points for each
answer, and we go through a number of items.
- Okay. - (Stevie) Okay, guys, turn around.
- Rhett, Link, and Hank) All right. - (Stevie) And... go!
- Oh, it's tofu! - Oh!
- (Stevie) Hank! - (correct ding)
- (laughing) - You're kidding me.
Oh, wow! You're a... How did you... What?
- You slammed it, man! - (whoosh)
- (Stevie) And... go! - Ow!
- (Link) Ooh, that's hard! - (Rhett) Coconut! Orange!
- (Hank) Oh, it's a baguette! - (Link) Seashell! Seashell!
- (Stevie) Hank! - That's, that's bread?
- (whoosh) - (Stevie) Okay, and...
- (bowl slides on table) - (Stevie) Link! Link! No!
- (laughing) - (Stevie) Put it back! Put it back!
- Come on! What? - (bowl slides back, and then toward Link)
- (Stevie) Eh! - What? Can you guys feel it?
- (Link) Uh, rice? Sand? - (Rhett) Hold on, where is it?
- (Rhett) Sand! - (Hank) Salt! Sugar!
- (Rhett) Salt! Sugar! - (Link) Grain?
- (Rhett) Why are you hiding it over there? - (Link) I don't know. It's in the...
- ...corner. It wants to go there. - (Rhett) You can't even win...
- ...at this point, man! - (stammering) Is it like taco seasoning?
- Cinnamon and sugar. - Seeds!
- Chia seeds. - (Stevie) Hank!
- (crew offscreen laughing) - I get half of that!
- California! - (whoosh)
- (Stevie) And... go! - (frantic rustling)
- (Rhett) Newspaper! - (Hank) Uh, seaweed!
- (Stevie) Hank! (correct ding) - (Link) Seaweed.
- (Hank laughing manically) - Dang it, Hank!
All right, Hank. Congratulations. You killed us, man!
You know what? you win extra-large feelers. Put your hands out.
- All right. - Rhett, you put one on. I'll put...
- ...one on. - Wait, what am I doing?
- Oh, on my hands. - (laughing) On your hands.
- You get extra-large feelers! - Woo!
Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing.
(whispering) Say, "You know what time it is."
- You know what time it is. - Hi, I'm Celie from Scotland...
...and Glasgow, and it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality.
You can find Hank in several places on the Internet, including but not
limited to vlogbrothers, Crash Course, SciShow, and other places.
- Links in the description. - I am. Click through to...
...Good Mythical More. Click that "i" for convenience, because it will
take you to Good Mythical More, where we're gonna play the...
- ...Best Friend Forever quiz. - (Rhett) But first, "The curious case...
- ...of Rhett McLaughlin." - (high voice) Once upon a time...
...there was a curious, curious Rhett McLaughlin.
- He lived... - I'm getting younger.
- And smaller. - Oh, we're Benjamin Buttoning?
- But older at the same time. - He lived where, Hank?
- Hi. He lived, uh... - I need to get in the fetal position.
- With a man with weird... - Touch me with your big hands.
- On a big... (laughing) - It makes me look somewhat littler.
- ...big house on a little hill. - Oh, I'm dying, now...
- ...but I'm a baby. - In the land of Ireland.
- That feel so good as I'm dying. - An old baby dying?
Willy willy willy willy.
[Captioned by Kevin: GMM Captioning Team]
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Feel & Squeal Challenge ft. Hank Green

369 Folder Collection
published on April 17, 2017
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