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  • Hey guys, what’s going on?

  • Ethan here, and I am really excited about this week’s lesson.

  • You guys gave me SO MUCH LOVE last week with the lesson that I brought you teaching you

  • English with music, with SHAPE OF YOU by Ed Sheeran, that I just had to make another one.

  • So this week I took a song that I’ve really been enjoying called CLOSER by the Chainsmokers.

  • I am sure that you have heard of it, and if you have not, I think youre really going

  • to dig it!

  • Especially great for those of you learning American English because it is full of slang,

  • cultural references, a lot of very native pronunciation and connected speech, and even

  • broken grammar rules.

  • Aww yeah!

  • In addition to this, it’s really great because the lyrics are simple, it’s not too melodic,

  • so it makes it quite easy and great to sing along to.

  • And if you hang around until the end of the lesson, I’ve got something else really special

  • to share with you that I think youre gonna like.

  • All right guys. Let’s jump in! Aww yeah!

  • Alright guys, I hope that you enjoyed that lesson as much as I did.

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  • about this lesson, give me your feedback, and even let me know what songs you would

  • like to see me break down in the future.

  • I might just do it for you.

  • And, as promised, I have another really great thing to share with you.

  • If you enjoyed this method, for learning with music, we have a really special 3-part mini

  • course, it is 100% FREE, and it will use the same methodology to teach you English with

  • the funniest scene ever from the popular TV series, FRIENDS.

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  • All right guys, go and KICK ASS WITH YOUR ENGLISH!

  • Aww yeah!

Hey guys, what’s going on?

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