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  • Remember the time we saw that strange animal while travelling foreign lands

  • Oh yeah that was crazy!

  • What is that thing?

  • I don't know, I've one never seen one before.

  • Let's go check it out.

  • Wait! What if its alive?

  • There are eight characteristics of life. First, we checked if it was made of cells.

  • It must be multi cellular, its huge!

  • I'll check with my x ray goggles.

  • I see cells, tissues, organs,

  • and systems, it is multi cellular!

  • Then we found out whether or not it could reproduce.

  • Look! It's baby is coming!

  • Aw! Look how small it i-

  • *screech* Oh my gosh! Cut the camera!

  • Cut the camera! *beep* Next we saw if it made or ate food to get energy. Look, it is a heterotroph,

  • Next we say if it made or ate food to get energy

  • Look! Its a heterotroph, obtaining energy from other organisms, like carrots.

  • Then, we found out if it could maintain its body conditions through homeostasis.

  • One way an animal maintains homeostasis is to release waste.

  • Look, it pooped!

  • The next characteristic was a bit difficult to see. DNA!

  • DNA, hmm,

  • I think I might need my x ray goggles again. You will need to magnify them all the way

  • to see the teeny tiny chromatin wrapped up in the nucleus of the cells. I see it!

  • Next,

  • we checked if it grew and developed.

  • It looks a lot bigger. It must have grown from eating

  • all those carrots.

  • Then we checked for adaptations to its environments.

  • Its fur seems to be coming off.

  • It must be shedding because it is getting a lot warmer outside.

  • There is only one more

  • characteristic to check off... Its response to stimuli!

  • Rachel, look. Who is that?

  • Hey

  • look at this cute little bunny rabbit! It has responded to the stimuli of this crazy

  • woman's touch! It must be ALIVE!

Remember the time we saw that strange animal while travelling foreign lands

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