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Bludger. Our drummer Scott is lazy, he's a bludger.
oh no I got the four wheel drive bogged in the mud.
Pash. Umm I found a hot girl and we pashed.
Doovalacky. You'd call this a doovalacky. You'd be like, "whats this doovalacky right here?" But I haven't really heard anyone say it, for about 25 years.
So crook. I have to go to the doctors beceause I'm crook.
Grundies. It's like, a slang term for undies, 'cause it rhymes with undies. So you'd say reg grundies.
Old fella. like your dad or your grandad I guess?
like your penis
That means dick. like, that's a nice old fella in your reg grundies.
I put on my daks like anybody else, one leg at a time.
something bad happened or you're annoyed at something you say strike a light.
Zac knocked over the billy, he's such a dag.
Tea. That means it's dinner time, you know, I'm gonna eat some tea.
Let's go down to the bakery and get a dog's eye.
Crack a fat.
To get an erection or a chub.
Rack off. 'Cause that’s like saying fuck off but a bit nicer.
If you're any good at anything or the best at something, then people call you a tall poppy, 'cause they like to cut you down.
Let's walk down the street to the bottle o, and get some drinks.
and if you have too many tinnys you're going to chunder.
today's work was bloody hard yakka.
I haven't had much sleep so at some point I'm gonna spit the dummy.
Hooroo, means goodbye. But no one really uses it any more.
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Australian Slang and Phrases

57741 Folder Collection
Zenn published on June 30, 2013    李孟錡 translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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